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Rhythm, Meter and Tempo of Gregorian Chant according to Jan van Biezen

Greetings! I have taken an interest in the theory presented by Jan van Biezen, a short summary of which can be found here:

And here also is a link to his book with a detailed review of the theory:

I study Byzantine chant and do not practice Gregorian chant, but nonetheless take interest in any new "approaches" to interpreting the Gregorian repertoire besides the famous Solesmes approach. Having found out about Jan van Biezen's approach, I tried to search for audio recordings of chant done according to his method, but found none. Do any such recordings exist? And is there any critique of or consensus on this method by other researchers? Thank you in advance!

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I regard the first two notes of (salvasti) me in the gradual Exaltabo te as exemplifying syncopation.

I also regard the fifth and sixth notes of sum in the Laon 239 notation of the gradual In Deo speravit as exemplifying syncopation.

Then there are the first two notes at po(pulum) in the gradual Tu es Deus.  A list of all such features would quite long.

Metrical syncopations happen in the Antiphons.  I am highly suspicious of rhythmic-level syncopations, i.e. syncopations between downbeats, and I do not believe they exist in Gregorian chant, at least not as the norm.  Notice the seeming syncopations happen almost always around the semitone.  On this subject, I would invite to create a separate thread to analyze these figures more closely.

"... so that the actual durations are, perhaps, 1.75, 0.25, and 1. ... so that 1.66 + 0.34 + 1 and 1.85 + 0.15 + 1 are both perceived by the ear as interpretations approximately equal to 1.75 + 0.25 + 1, as long as the total duration of the first long and the grace are equal to 1."

I made a mistake here.  These numbers should say 0.75, 0.25, and 1 ... 0.66 + 0.34 + 1 ... 0.85 + 0.15 + 1 ... 0.75 + 0.25 + 1.  The total is two beats, not three.

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