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Praised be Jesus Christ. I would like to ask you, who is an author of this performance. ? Earlier I tought that this is the track coming from CD recorded by some monks but i don’t know what monks. It’s sounds similarly to Vidi aquam from CD named Pentecote recorded by monks of St. Joseph de Clairval abbey in Flavigny ,France, but it’s not the same. I’d love to buy CD with track whick i sent in youtube link. If somebody knows who recorded this song, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Tags: abbaye, aquam, chant, moines, monks, vidi

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Of course, I will try to help you, but, where is the song?

So sorry. I forgot about the most important thing. There is link :

Schola Bellarmina, Les 18 Kyriale et les 6 Credo (2002), set of 3 CDs (pay attention, this set is out of stock, there is a new version, 2009, but it is not the same):

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