Musicologie Médiévale

Resources for medieval musicology and liturgy

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Chapter One: Traditional Private Religious Foundations


Eighth Century

2. Pantelleria: Typikon of John for the Monastery of St. John the Forerunner on Pantelleria (trans. Gianfranco Fiaccadori)

Chapter Three: The Protectorate


Tenth Century

17. Nikon Metanoeite: Testament of Nikon the Metanoeite for the Church and Monastery of the Savior, the Mother of God and St. Kyriake in Lakedaimon (trans. Anastasius Bandy)

Eleventh Century

18. Nea Gephyra: Testament of Nikodemos for the Monastery of Nea Gephyra near Lakedaimon (trans. Stephen Reinert)

Chapter Five: Imperial and Royal Monasteries of the Twelfth Century


25. Fragala: Testaments of Gregory for the Monastery of St. Philip of Fragala in Sicily (trans. Patricia Karlin-Hayter and Timothy Miller)

26. Luke of Messina: Typikon of Luke for the Monastery of Christ Savior (San Salvatore) in Messina (trans. Timothy Miller)

Chapter Six: Early Reform Monasteries of the Twelfth Century


31. Areia: Memorandum and Typikon of Leo, Bishop of Nauplia, for the Monastery of the Mother of God in Areia (trans. Alice-Mary Talbot)

Chapter Eight: Later Private Religious Foundations


Twelfth Century

43. Kasoulon: Rule of Nicholas for the Monastery of St. Nicholas of Kasoulon near Otranto (trans. Timothy Miller)

Fourteenth Century

49. Geromeri: Testament of Neilos Erichiotes for the Monastery of the Mother of God Hodegetria in Geromeri (trans. George Dennis)

53. Meteora: Canonical Rule of Athanasios the Meteorite for the Monastery of the Transfiguration (Metamorphosis) (trans. George Dennis)

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