Musicologie Médiévale

Resources for medieval musicology and liturgy

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You must have friends there :D

The page should be public

Why? Is there something wrong with NING?

This might be not perfect, but it has plenty of more functions than facebook, and you have not to face the disadvantage of SPAM caused by the circumstance, that most of the users published their private life there.

In a German test facebook got very bad notes, because it does not protect the privacy of personal data of inscribed members, or to put it in Martin Sonneborn's words (interview with a former Stasi-agent):

"Is there any information left, that you would need to know, while you worked for the STASI?"

"No, it is complete! There is more than we could ever wish to have..."

"Do you think the GDR would have survived, if they had had facebook?"

Then, don't follow my link



and your logo here...

We need other partners :

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