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A computational reconstruction of a tenth-century mozarabic (old hispanic) sacrificium (offertory) for the second (nowadays the third) Sunday in Lent. The melody agrees perfectly (?) to the notation in the famous León antiphoner. Watch the notation while listening to the music.

However, we still do not pretend we found the lost melody. The chance this specific melody is equal to the lost chant is less than 20 %. Except for the number of notes and large parts of their contours, nearly everything may have been different, especially mode, ambitus and intervals. Nevertheless we think these kind of fake reconstructions are essential in developing critical thinking about the lost musical tradition, they can be sung in the liturgy and can encourage asking many new questions. We think these reconstructions not only can be helpful to our understanding of the lost chant, finally they will also enable a real reconstruction of the repertoire.

Come to our service next Saturday, March 18 at 5 PM in the Amsterdam Obrechtchurch.

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