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Berlin Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preussischer Kulturbesitz

Ms mus 40047

XI (1018) ▪ Antiphonaire du  de Quedlinburg, cursus romain. Notation neumatique allemande avec lettres significatives.

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Bibliographie :
Möller, Hartmut. Das Quedlinburger Antiphonar. Vol. 1. Untersuchungen. Vol. 2. Edition und Verzeichnisse. Vol. 3. Fotografische Wiedergabe.

Index Cantus :

D-B Ms mus 40047, fol 68v

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Thank you. Very nice. In contrast to the facsimile edition this is something to consult on a more regular basis.

I fear that also that bad quality was on account of the library (the editor Hartmut Möller was very unhappy with it). But I am glad that this publication came within my life span and finally used the current possibilities of digital photography.



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