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After months this server is back online. It was announced for the end of October, but the time out was prolonged and prolonged again. Finally you can open the page again. Please try:

The servers host digitised manuscripts of the Romanian Academy of Science (Bucharest) and of Sainte Catherine's Monastery (Sinai, Egypt). But so far the old links do no longer work (including those of the domaine, neither do the links of the whole page.

Please let's use this discussion to keep up to date.

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I do not know what is always going wrong with this page, but it is more than evident that this project still lacks a competent informatic...

The whole homepage has been completely shut down!

This means that the reproduction of RO-Ba Ms. gr. 953 is no longer online, it is not present at

The typical end

The domaine "" after a disfunctional period of its pseudo-existence has been abandoned again and is now available on the web-market!

The associated page of the Romanian Academy of Science:

has now dissapeared with the same promise "it will be back soon"...

"" was bought by a Chinese agency for funerals!



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