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A la fin du manuscrit Latin 12315, de la BNF, nous trouvons une addition musicale en notation mensurale.

Cette addition ne contient pas de texte en-dehors d'un A au milieu de l'addition :

Nous pouvons voir aussi à la fin de cette pièce une signature :

Malheureusement, je n'arrive pas à identifier la mélodie, ainsi qu'à décrypter la signature...

Des idées ?

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Après réflexion, cette addition serait plus probablement du début XVIème s. ... 

I have a proposal based solely on the music.  It may be a tenor voice of the chanson model of a mass found in VienNB 11883, one Missa Pourquoy alles vous seullette.  It is mass #20 in the manuscript, beginning on scan #396 on the ÖNB's site.  The tune presented there matches BNF 12315 pretty well in the tenor and superius, but in the form that a Kyrie would take in a parody mass based on a chanson model.  I don't have time this week to pursue this further, but perhaps my proposal will stimulate others' interest.

-Peter Urquhart

Of the "signature", I think I can read from the end of the first line:

"[...] augustinus
de animam"

Not much, but maybe a start?


On the signature: I am still working on the first word (presumably a first name), but I would like to suggest '... berthelot augustinus de ambianis' (i.e. from Amiens).

Merci à vous !

Pour le premier mot, David Fiala suggère Frater.

I had thought of Frater when I first saw it, but I became less sure! Perhaps it is plausible. Can Berthelot be a first name, in that case? I think it is mainly a family name in modern French, is it not?

Dominique Gatté said:

Merci à vous !

Pour le premier mot, David Fiala suggère Frater.



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