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Eric Clapton: ''Stand and Deliver''

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Global information about collateral damages caused by WHO

The Great Barrington Declaration (PANDA)

World Freedom Alliance (World Doctors Alliance)

International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Medical Freedom International (UK)

Physicians for informed consent (PIC)

Children's Health Defense (Europe)

European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV)

Worldwide class action against Drosten's PCR test

The Greater Reset

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Children's Health Defense (USA)

America's frontline doctors

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Viruswaarheid liefe & eenheid

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Reinfo Covid

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Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie e.V.

Demokratischer Widerstand

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft kritischer Polizistinnen und Polizisten e.V.

Corona Schadensersatzklage

Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss

Ausserparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss

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Mutigmacher e.V.

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Alla ricerca della verità


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Notrecht Referendum

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Comment by Oliver Gerlach 2 hours ago

Enrico Montesano

reads from "The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind" (1896), in original language « La psychologie des foules » (1895) by Gustave Le Bon (18 January)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 2 hours ago

Two interviews with Reiner Füllmich

Patrick Bet-David quite shocked, while confronted with the facts as they did occur in Germany. Reiner Füllmich explains the particular role of independent crisis management in China, while the West followed the rabble-rouser Christian Drosten... (13 November)

Link against illegal censorship!

"The whole pandemic is a fraudulent business to keep people constantly in a panic mode, and there is cross-immunity, so that there are absolutely no reasons for vaccines except for the pharmaceutical industry to make money, and probably it causes a lot of damage and will raise mortality!" (Planet lockdown, 1 January)

Link against illegal censorship!

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 6 hours ago

About Eric Clapton's Christmas gift and Van Morrison

"Lockdown-Kunst: Eric Clapton und Van Morrison [Lockdown art: Eric Clapton and Van Morrison]." 2020 NEWS, 15 January 2021. Link.

Transcription of the text:

Stand and deliver
You let them put the fear on you
Stand and deliver
But not a word you heard was true
But if there’s nothing you can say
There may be nothing you can do

Do you wanna be a free man
Or do you wanna be a slave?
Do you wanna be a free man
Or do you wanna be a slave?
Do you wanna wear these chains
Until you’re lying in the grave?

I don’t wanna be a pauper
And I don’t wanna be a prince
I don’t wanna be a pauper
And I don’t wanna be a prince
I just wanna do my job
Playing the blues for my friends

Magna Carta, Bill of Rights
The constitution, what’s it worth?
You know they’re gonna grind us down, ah
Until it really hurts
Is this a sovereign nation
Or just a police state?
You better look out, people
Before it gets too late

D’you wanna be your own driver
Or keep on flogging a dead horse?
D’you wanna be your own driver
Or keep on flogging a dead horse?
Do you wanna make it better
Or do you wanna make it worse?

Stand and deliver
You let them put the fear on you
Sold down the river
But not a word of it was true
If there’s nothing you can say
There may be nothing you can do

Stand and deliver
Stand and deliver
Dick Turpin wore a mask too

See the article for a German translation of the text.

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 9 hours ago

Vandana Shiva about Big Food and her book, published in 2018

Interview with Joseph Mercola (author at Children's Health Defense), published on 1 November 2020:

You can also download the transcript of the interview:

Vandana Shiva and Kartikey Shiva, Oneness vs. the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom (New Delhi: Women Unlimited, 2018). ISBN 978-93-85606-18-2.

Announced live-stream:

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 10 hours ago

Chinese scientists are shocked by the genetic experiment in the Western world

The feudal market economy has shown its ugly and inhumane face and delivers good arguments to establish a fair competition without privileges of those companies who arranged state deals with corrupt politicians:

"China Health Experts Call for Suspension of COVID Vaccines as Norway Investigates 33 Deaths, Germany Probes 10 Deaths." The Defender: Children’s Health Defense News & Views, 18 January 2021. Link.

"Risiko Impfstoff - immer mehr Tote? [Risky vaccine—always more deathcases?]" 2020 NEWS, 19 January 2021. Link.

"RFK, Jr. Tells Co-Chair of New COVID Advisory Board: VAERS Is Broken, You Can Fix It." The Defender: Children’s Health Defense News & Views, 18 December 2020. Link.

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

"You should not try to adapt people to the system, the system should be adapted to the people!"

Interview with Prince Michael of Liechtenstein (Planet lockdown. 2 January)

Part 1

Part 2

There is a book written by the cousin Prince Hans-Adam II:

Prince Hans-Adam II, The state in the third millennium. Triesen: van Eck, 2009. ISBN 9783905881042.

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Peace and Justice Foundation

Jeremy Corbyn with Ronnie Kasrils (minister of Nelson Mandela), Christine Blower and Len McCluskey (union leaders), Scarlett Westbrook (founder of climate justice), Yanis Varoufakis, MP Zarah Sultana and Noam Chomsky (17 January)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday


Vienna (16 January)

Pastor Lothar Mack reads psalms during a manifestation at Fürth near Nuremberg (17 January)

Erlangen last night: Karl Hilz discovers once again abuse of USK against a peaceful protest (17 January)

In front of the Friedrich Alexander Universität of Erlangen (17 January)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Judges in Peru are the first who stand up against the global totalitarian regime

"Un tribunal peruano acusa a Bill Gates, Soros y Rockefeller de crear la COVID-19 [A tribunal in Peru accuse Bille Gates, Soros and Rockefeller of having fabricated Covid-19]." - Últimas Noticias, 12 January 2021, Link (German translation). 

"Gericht in Peru: COVID-19 Erfin­dung einer 'globalen krimi­nellen Elite' [Court in Peru: Covid-19 invention of a 'global criminal elite']." Unser Mitteleuropa: mit vereinten Kräften für ein Europa der Vaterländer, 14 January 2021, Link (German article available in English, French, Spanish etc. translation).

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Enlightening information against the current attempt of medical trials on humans

The information was provided by World Doctors Alliance, each doctor gives an honest statement as she or he would advice their patients (8 December)


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