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Chanson "Nos libertés" d' Ingrid Courrèges au Carnaval

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European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV)

Worldwide class action against Drosten's PCR test

The Greater Reset

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Children's Health Defense (USA)

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Alla ricerca della verità


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Comment by Oliver Gerlach 8 hours ago

Two documentaries

Pamela Acker (biologist highly experienced with ethical questions of developing medicines and vaccines) about the unethical methods of production concerning stem-cells of the so-called "vaccines" and about the ethical problems from a religious Christian perspective (Life Site News, original version, here dubbed in German)

Bob Coen "The Anthrax War" (documentary by Bob Coen, France/Canada 2009)

The documentary was dubbed into German and French by Arte TV

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 9 hours ago

"The regime will fall!"

Michael Fritsch, remonstrated policeman, during the manifestation at Hannover last Sunday (21 February)

In an interview afterwards

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 10 hours ago

"Covid, Tango and the Lagom Way"

A tango film portraits Sweden's health policies under advice of Anders Tegnell (30 January 2021)

Panda quotes Nick Hudson's analysis in "The Citizen":

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 11 hours ago

Carnival in Tirol

During the whole February Tirol was rebelling, Raphael Mayrhofer explains the concept:

Raphael Mayrhofer, "Südtirol macht’s vor! Anleitung gegen Corona-Politik: 8 Punkte für den erfolgreichen Widerstand [The model of South Tirol! A manual against Covid policies: 8 ingredients for a successful resistance]", Wochenblick: Die neue Zeitung aus Oberösterreich, 23 February 2021. Link.

Meanwhile also the government in Germany is in desperate need to justify the emergency:

Tilo Gräser, "Analyse der Sterbezahlen: 2020 war ein normales Jahr [Analysis of the mortality rates: 2020 was a normal year, the reason must be something else...]", 2020 NEWS (blog), 21 February 2021, Link.

"Die Kaiserin ist nackt [The empress is naked]", 2020 NEWS (blog), 23 February 2021, Link.

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

The emperor against informed consent

While the overfed mainstream is dominated by censorship and systematic disinformation, independent experts engage for on open health debate (Ireland, 16 February)

In response to state propaganda in Britain (Covileaks, 22 February)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Monday

Another nursing home at Lake Constance

Unfortunately, a case like so many others (21 February)

The full video has been illegally censored by youtube, here you find the whole documentary!

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Monday

Some words by Alfredo Belluco

Enrico Montesano reads Alfredo Belluco, the manager of the poor and founder of the Association "Confeder contribuenti" (20 February)

Gloria Callarelli and Giulio Saraceni, Come non farsi inchiappettare dalle banche e vivere felici: la verità sulle banche raccontata da Alfredo Belluco [How not to get 'sodomised' by the banks and to live happily: the truth about banks told by Alfredo Belluco] (Lecce: youcanprint, 2020).

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Monday

The wild sheep

No. 14 (French, German, 19 February)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Sunday

Civil disobedience in Switzerland

Interview with Roger Köppel, MP of the SVP and chief editor of the journal "Weltwoche" (RT DE, 18 Fenruary)

A comment by Michael Mross about a crime scene (MMNews TV, 18 February)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Saturday

Coordination meeting

DiEM25 (18 February)


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