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HK en concert au Kilowatt - Fête de l'Humanité 2020

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Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Information about the vaccine injuries

Thank you Geert, this is the most current info about vaccine. I sent it last Sunday with a summary, useful links and an interview with Dr Bhakdi about it.

The problem right now with the whole discussion, whenever you try to explain what kind of risks people undergo, when they willingly get vaccined (usually for an illusion of advantages and privileges, at the end they will just end up to pay a double fee for the health insurance in the best case, because of chronical illnesses), is that they would like to discuss it as a vaccine (usually with the intention to frame you as antivaxx).

But already this definition is the worst part of this crime!

People need to understand that the whole discussion is not about a vaccine. It is a "pathogen device" which should never had been defined as a vaccine. If somebody tells you, you will be paid millions to get killed, you would not be so stupid to do it, because they do not even need to pay you the money (very unfortunate way, but most people do think this way which is pervert!). Here nobody can tell you what the real consequences will be, but it also means that not the finest expert can tell you, if a simple killing would not just be more human in comparison (certainly not worth those silly reasons that made most to accept this as a "vaccine"). It is a question of weeks and there will be also a second trial about this assassination at the ICC, and it will definitely concern also article 6 of their statutes!

This round table with Bobby F. Kennedy, Judy Mikovits, the Canadian lawyer Rocco Galati, and the economist David Martin is about it (listen especially at 1 hour 46 minutes, originally broadcasted in January 2021)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Another large-scale manifestation is announced for Berlin tomorrow

Tomorrow the Federal Parliament (Bundestag) will decide about new restrictions of the human rights granted by the constitution, once again without any discussion of the justification and the evidence for an emergency. This teaser is an invitation

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Solemn vigil against the terror regime of Berlin (part 3)

Rural songs in Russian dialect mocks about dictatorship and injustice (seventh day, 5 April)

Everyone counts and the Saturday protests at the Brandenburg Gate (eighth day with snow, 6 April)

About the protest camp last summer and autumn (ninth day, 7 April)

A student against test abuse at schools from 19 April (tenth day, 8 April)

Bettina and political messages on the floor (eleventh day, 9 April)

Old lady about the world turned upside down (twelfth day, 10 April)

Comment by Geert Maessen yesterday

Danser encore - Molenstraat, Nijmegen, Nederland, 17 april 2021



Luister goed

Wij dansen dag en nacht door - als het moet

Samen stappen wij hier uit - houd moed

Liefde, vrijheid, kracht in overvloed



Luister goed

Wij dansen dag en nacht door - als het moet

Samen stappen wij hier uit - houd moed

Liefde, vrijheid, kracht in overvloed


Alles lijkt niet meer te kloppen

Deze waanzin is te stoppen

Allen, samen zijn wij sterk - en vrij

In verbinding zijn dat willen wij

Waar wacht je op

Kom mee en dans met mij


Wij zijn degenen die beslissen

Laat ons daarin niet vergissen

‘t Leven laat zich niet beknotten

en samen zijn wij niet te stoppen

Want liefde overwint altijd - jaaaaah


Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

HK in Bologna

Manifestation in Bologna (3 April)

La versione italiana:


Alzati e preparati a danzare ancor
I pensieri miei ti abbraccian già
Sulle scale della musica
No no no allora alzati e preparati a danzare ancor

I pensieri miei ti portan già
Dentro un vortice di musica
Siamo uccelli migratori senza gabbie ne padroni
Promettiamo come marinai
Senza ordini o licenza
Accenderemo la tua stanza
E spegneremo la TV dove il re della tribù
Ha già scritto la sentenza
Vedrai cos'è disobbedienza Senza perdere eleganza


Come uccelli senza piume, schiavi senza le catene
Che detestano la libertà
E maledetto lui che pensa
E maledetta lei che danza
Ad ogni stretta autoritaria un diritto salta in aria
Ci abbandona la speranza
E più ci metton le manette,
E più le pretendiamo strette, e invece


Ma non ci fotte la paura di una nuova dittatura
Di una folle ordinanza
Terroristi della scienza
State a debita distanza
Per la nostra dignità, per una nuova società
Di giustizia e fratellanza
Sarà una nuova resistenza
Contro un mondo senza danza, e allora


Sulle ali della musica
Questi passi miei ti portan già

Paris at the Gare de l'Est (8 April)

French text in the subtitles with an Italian translation

Comment by Geert Maessen yesterday

Zahlen des Deutschen Paul-Ehrlich-Instituts zeigen, dass die Zahl der Todesfälle unmittelbar nach der Koronaimpfung, hochgerechnet auf das gesamte Jahr 2021, bereits über 100-mal höher ist als die Zahl der Todesfälle nach (anderen) Impfungen in den Vorjahren. Die längerfristigen Nebenwirkungen stehen jedoch noch aus.

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Monday

Other moments of the Berlin protests against and at the government

Protest initiated and registered by Roman Mironov (for the complete version of the interviews, visit telegram)

Solemn vigil at Angela Merkel's residence Kupfergraben (27 March)

First day of solemn vigil at the chancellor's office (29 March)

Concert (2nd day, 30 March)

The patron of the "Scotch and Sofa" Bar which hosted the foundation of the political party "Teamfreiheit" and which is insolvent now (31 March)

The new pollution caused by human madness, an ecological activist (1 April)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Monday

Solemn vigil at the federal washing machine

Today is the twentieth first day of the solemn vigil at the chancellor's office to remind the public of the death cases caused by the vaccination campaign (19 April)  The solemn vigil on 16 April

Since yesterday manifestations will no longer be announced, but the policeman Michael Fritsch asks for qualified opinions, if the German population is now obliged to save the German constitution (18 April)

The professor jurisprudence Uwe Folkmann about the effect of the new Disease protection law (14 April)  The lawyer Markus Haintz about it (16 April)  

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Monday

Manifestation of policewomen and policeman in Berlin

Interview with the widow of a husband who became a victim of the fire range affaire (Focus, 22 August 2020) and how a biased state prosecutor obstructed the investigation. Until today nobody faced the accusation and did apologise in front of the victims (15 April)

A policeman talks about his duty to remonstrate and he also reveals how often he did remonstrate during the 33 years he has been in charge (15 April)

Response by the medical doctor and scientist Margareta Griesz-Brisson (18 April)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Monday

"Psyche, brain and corpus delicti"

Live-stream with the civil judge Hans-Christian Prestien, the psychologist Hans-Joachim Maaz, the lawyer, journalist and psychologist Corinna Busch, and the psychologist Susanne Wendel (18 April, live-stream from 4 pm CET)


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