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Song for the day of freedom tomorrow in Berlin

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Comment by Oliver Gerlach 5 hours ago

The bitches of the nation

After constant shitstorms against the experts, the official propaganda of ZDF used the information which had been worked out by their so-called "enemies", whenever they understand the panic is not an appropriate way to manage an epidemic (20 September)

Bitchute link to save Margareta Griesz-Brisson's speech against the constantly inappropriate measures of the Merkel regime:

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 5 hours ago

Lawyers for enlightenment had a zoom meeting about official harassment of medical doctors

Unconstitutional ways of testing and forcing mask abuse discussed by German lawyers (21 September)

Bitchute link against the asocial network

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 5 hours ago

The emperor has a serious problem with the law

Ralf Ludwig (Anwälte für Aufklärung) in an interview "The constitutional state is at stake, because German lawyers do not their work, although they are bound to ask questions!" (25 September, censored many times)

Bitchute link against the asocial network

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 5 hours ago

Heiko Schöning's intended arrest during the manifestation in London yesterday

Heiko Schöning's speech via megaphone


Schöning's arrest at the Hyde Park

Bitchute link against censorship of the well-known asocial network

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 22 hours ago

International manifestation in Rome

A chat between Sara Cunial and Enrico Montesano (Piazza del popolo, 12 September)

Other impressions

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 22 hours ago

Enrico Montesano without the roles of his own protagonists

Dedicated to the present global totalitarian regime the actor and comedian Enrico Montesano reads Günther Anders' "Die Antiquiertheit des Menschen [The outdatedness of humans]" (2 September)

"Brave new world" by Aldous Huxley and the Kalergi plan (5 September)

Michel Onfray's "Théorie de la dictature" and Hannah Arendt's "Theory of totalitarianism" (17 September)    Second chapter (22 September)

Enrico Montesano reads Abraham Lincoln's Letter to his sons' head master (24 September)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 23 hours ago

Heiko Schöning the fabricated pandemic

Heiko Schöning about the criminal violation of human rights in Australia and his interview on 11 September 2019 about Anthrax (manifestation in Munich, 12 September)

Interview about 9/11 and Anthrax (KenFM, 11 September 2019)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Margareta Griesz-Brisson against the inhuman regime and its actions against medical doctors 

A personal statement by Margareta Griesz-Brisson (British neurologist) about official incompetence among bullies and their courtiers of the totalitarian regime and why they decree the destruction of the human brain (hyped by google's censorship)

Live-stream of the manifestation against the global totalitarian emergency regime in London (ruptly)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Helge Schneider and the "new normality's" problem with the arts

The only concert had to be open air with "Shoes blues" (19 July)

On invitation by the "new normailty" not without Lindenberg parody (17 September)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

"Masks in the open air? What a madness!"

Interview with Stefano Montanari (La lente, 22 September)


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