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On the 13 of July Ger passed away. Those who visited the Festivals of Watou will surely remember him. He took care of the booklets of the masses. Others took great pleasure in his practical editions of chants from the book of Genesis or Song of Songs. May he rest in peace

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Je suis très attristé par cette nouvelle...

Ger était un fidèle soutien de Musicologie Médiévale depuis 2009 !

Sad to hear this. I really appreciated his editions.

Requiescat in pace.

Ger, always willing to help and support.

Yes, Franco. I remember Ger. RIP.

Ger was a passionated Gregorianist

He sang in a number of Gregorian choirs

He was not only a master in Meinrad-computer program for writing the Gregorian notation. He also completed this program for special uses.

Many people founded the way to Ger.  As Stan Hollaardt already said: He always was willing to help and to support everybody.

Every Tuesday-morning, more than 15 years, with Ger as lead, we worked out more than 600 Gregorian transcriptions from nearly 30 different manuscripts and also nearly 30 different aged Gregorian chant-books.    

Most of them are bundled up in four booklets and published by Ger. (Het gezongen Hooglied / Song of Songs, In Principio /Genesis, Exodus part 1 and Exodus part 2.) 

For two years the scriptorium of Ger was closed. Time makes his work and came up. It is good as it was.

Chorus Angelorum te suscipiant


Thank you very much Math. for this testimony!

Math. Vleugels said:

Ger was a passionated Gregorianist...

Very sad indeed...

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