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Finally I finished scanning the Graduale Lagal (1984-1990; 493 pp). Although most semiologists will consider it a curiosum, it was 27 years ahead of its time preluding the Graduale Novum (2011) and exposing nearly all semiological wisdom since, including melodic corrections and a intuitive visual proportional notation.

By optical braille recognition I also finished scanning the Graduale Romanum printed in double-sided braille in the Netherlands (1934-1940; 2066 pp). Contrary to the Gradual Lagal here no images, but machine-readable text-files that can be read with the fingers on a braille bar.

Through my site you can also listen to the streams of all 151 editions of Bonum est so far; a radioprogram on chant in a broad sense, including 12 programs made with Oliver Gerlach, at least 10 programs closely related to the Mozarabic rite and many programs about other chant traditions and alternative performance pratices.

¿¿¿ Earlier this year I stopped making Bonum est. When someone would be interested to continue the program please contact me. It is not necessary to live in the Netherlands or to speak dutch. ???

Gregoriana Amsterdam 

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