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Utrecht Universiteitsbibliotheek (NL-Uu)

Hs. 416 (Hs 2 F 4)
XIV (1375-1400) ▪ Evangeliarum in usum Ecclesiae S. Petri Trajecti ad Rhenum, lectures avec neumes et accents, passions avec lettres de hauteur de récitation. 186v-187v Liber generationis..., 189v Puer natus in Bethleem… à deux voix, notation à clous sur lignes

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They do make a nice cross shape indeed. Could be interesting to check these other sources, to see if - conceivably - there are missing parts.

No trace of them in Prague, which I posted. Nor in the other one.

Thanks for satisfying the curiosity of yours truly :)



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