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Long cycle

Echos protos (1963):

I also insert the recordings for the cherouvika in the other echoi since you can also download the partitions.

Echos devteros:

Longer version (1959):

Echos plagios protos (Hypapante, 1961):

Echos plagios devteros:

Echos varys (1959):

Short cycle

Echos protos (the beginning starts like a long version, but with the fourth word it is recited almost syllabically until 3'44", first section, the rest of the recording is already the ekphonesis after the Great Entrance):

Longer version:

Echos devteros:

Echos tritos:

Echos tetartos (Palm Sunday 1963, Patriarchal cathedral St George):

Echos plagios protos:

Echos varys:

Echos plagios tetartos (1961):

Third cycle with a choir

Echos protos:

Echos devteros:

Echos tritos:

Echos tetartos:

Echos plagios protos:

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You can also follow a transcription in his hand writing, but please follow it with the freedom of an Archon potopsaltis of his school.

Very beautiful, thank you!

All I see/hear are adverts for Clickberry Online Video Editor...!

How very unpleasant :D

Who would like to use youtube nowadays, I strongly recommend this browser plugin:

It is for free and you will never bothered again with Google advertisements. But I will also leave you a link were you can buy recordings of Archon Protopsaltes together with the neume partitions.
Also, you can find plenty of totaly free recordings in psaltologion forum.

Thank you, but I just meant here the cherouvika according to his own realisation and sung by him (together with the partition).

There is also a recording of the Akathistos according to the argon melos which is sung rarely nowadays (CD 1):

It has one cherouvikon (plagios protos),  and sung by other archon protopsaltes despotika, φώς ἱλαρὸν etc. If you click on “Μουσικό Κείμενο” you can also follow the partition.

It is worth to order these CDs on this page, which are only available in bookstores of the church, when you are in Greece. I already have a huge collection, but it is forthcoming continuously.

Since all links here were obsolete, all the videos had been updated.

There are now three cycles!



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