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Aachen, Aurelianus Reomensis and the role of tonaries within Carolingian chant

Oliver for Lutz Felbick: If you look at music history from the perspective of the Carolingian power center in Aachen/Aix la Chapelle, the r…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

27 Nov 8, 2019
Reply by Oliver Gerlach

Emilysue Reichardt: Recent publications about the modal use of microtones?

Oliver Gerlach for Emilysue Reichardt: What is the most recent published work about these microtones, and where can I find it to read it? I…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

3 Feb 6, 2019
Reply by Oliver Gerlach

Reconstructing the echema AIANEOEANE (Alia musica) on the base of neumes in Hartvic (D-Mbs clm 14272)

Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek clm 14272, fol. 177v Tonary of the alia musica compilation (manuscript M) with neumed intonations, psal…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

26 Feb 4, 2019

La réception d'Aristoxène chez la compilation des tonaires alia musica

Réponse au commentaire de Frédéric Gruber : Citation selon l'édition de Jacques Chailley (1965, 143-144) : De quarto tono. Aristoxenus musi…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

8 Apr 18, 2018
Reply by Oliver Gerlach

Discussion of didactic material about modality for Milan and Paris

La discussion des exposés didactiques était née dans la discussion de la main guidonienne avec les symboles dasianes. Nicolas Meeùs m'a dem…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

8 Oct 2, 2017
Reply by Oliver Gerlach

Nummerierung des Oktōīchos bei Hucbald

für Franco: noch ein sachliche Frage: im Artikel Tonary von Wikipedia findet sich. Since Hucbald of Saint-Amand the eight tones were simply…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

7 Jun 10, 2017
Reply by Oliver Gerlach

Guido and the diesis

I'd like to open myself the discussion that Oliver Gerlach promised in the Low B-flat discussion. It refers to Guido of Arezzo's mention o…

Started by Nicolas Meeùs

28 Nov 28, 2016
Reply by Oliver Gerlach

The Use of Microtones in Plainchant since Pythagoras in Italy, Boethius in Rome and Justinian in Constantinople

Neil Moran wrote: "Byzantine liturgical music is based on the principles of Pythagoras, classical Greek music theorists and Boethius, the c…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

13 Apr 15, 2014
Reply by Oliver Gerlach

Le liste des sources des tonaires

Un bienvenu à tous les visiteurs de ce groupe! En ce moment il y a beaucoup des réproductions des manuscrits en ligne, même ceux avec un to…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

1 Feb 22, 2014
Reply by Oliver Gerlach

Aurelian of Réôme's reception of the lesser perfect system: the 15 modes organized in triphonia

Scholars of Western chant usually rely on Guido of Arezzo, when they reduce the discussion of microtones to the question where to use b fla…

Started by Oliver Gerlach

0 Dec 10, 2013



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