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Definitive shutdown of Musicologie Médiévale or new beginning ?

La fermeture de Musicologie Médiévale ou un nouveau départ ?

Musicologie Medievale: welche Zukunft? Ende oder neuer Beginn ?

El cierre de Musicologie Médiévale o un nuevo comienzo?



Dear friends, colleagues, and members of the Musicologie Médiévale network,


For 10 years, I have been thoroughly monitoring every digitized manuscript collection, in order to inventory every musical manuscript source until the 16th century. This represents around 1,000 new digitizations to review per day (both manuscripts and bindings of early prints).

My work is already considered as essential to scholars in the field of medieval musicology. The inventory of online musical manuscripts (formerly on Gregofacsimil, now on Musicologie Médiévale) is widely used as an research tool in many universities. [See here]

As you will notice, I also go further than notated manuscripts, covering in a global way every publication related to medieval musicology, liturgy and codicology.

The Musicologie Médiévale network serves hundreds of visitors every day, and I personally respond to many requests from scholars, students and musicians.

All of this has turned into a full-time job.

For me to be able to continue this work, which has already proven its value amongst scholars, I need help from universities, research centers, private foundations and companies to finance my research. To this end, I need your support to help me find as many sponsors as possible.

If I don’t find enough long-term sponsors, sadly, I will be compelled to stop and close Musicologie Médiévale and find something else for a living.

I am open to any partnership proposal or jobs.


If Musicologie Médiévale were saved, it would be a new beginning. Lots of projects could be launched in long or short term, notably:

Creation of a research database for the Repertoire of medieval notated manuscripts online (more than 7.000 manuscripts and fragments). Musical indexes of these manuscripts will be integrated into the database. Many of these indexes are already completed. The project will be associated with the Cantus Index Network.

Digitization of the Atelier de paléographie musicale de Solesmesconducted collaboratively with Dominique Crochu. The project will be carried out over three years.


Several projects can even be expected :

MMMO Database

Medieval music manuscripts online database

In accordance with Debra Lacoste and McGill University, this database will be affiliated with "Cantus Ultimus."

For more than ten years, lots of digitization projects have emerged on the Internet. Every day, hundreds of libraries put online a considerable amount of manuscripts and early prints. This multitude of online sources is scattered over hundreds of websites. It is now time for a medieval manuscripts database to be created in order to facilitate musicological research. In ten years, we gathered more than 8.000 notated sources.

This database would be a true international virtual library of musical sources, containing notated manuscripts in Western language of the entire medieval era, until 1600. For each manuscript a record will inform the user and allow to search by various criteria: location, shelf mark, contents (short title), date, origins, provenance, type of musical notation, catalogues’ references, selective bibliography.

A special effort will be made to index chants contained in the earliest fragments, marginaliae and notated additions interpolated into non-musical manuscripts.

Bischoff Mss online: list of manuscripts inventoried by Bernhard Bischoff in his Katalog der festländischen Handschriften des neunten Jahrhunderts which are accessible online. This tool will not only be useful for musicologists, but in a broader way for paleographers.

Keyboard Index: inventory of keyboard pieces until 1550.


From now on, the Musicologie Médiévale network is open to all and provides an unrestricted consultation access to visitors so that musicologists, musicians and sponsors can discover the website more easily. Thank you for sharing this important news.


I will be grateful for any help you can provide in finding durable solutions for this research works.


Best regards,


Dominique Gatté


Founder and Administrator of Musicologie Médiévale


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Comment by Anthea Grasselli on July 18, 2019 at 2:33

Please, go further with your unique collection: we cannot miss out  in this regard, since there aren't so many people with your personal skills. The gap would be enormous, and no one wants this result for sure.Always grateful for what has been done until today,thank you so much! 

Comment by Josef Gulka on July 13, 2018 at 15:27

Please consider responding to this  call to  continue developing this extraordinary database. INVALUABLE!

Comment by Miguel Baptista on September 7, 2017 at 9:50

C'est triste Dominique mais j'avais déjà poussé un gros coup de gueule dans un précédant sujet (au sujet de ta nouvelle base de donnée) en effet si chaque musicologues de ce site te donnerait ne serait ce que 50 euros par mois pour ton travail ça serait déjà bien (en sachant qu'un professeur d'université commence avec 3 102,15 € bruts et un MdC commence avec 2 169,63 €) mais on voit bien que l'on essaye de profiter de ta générosité jusqu'à la moelle (dans le but de satisfaire leurs recherches à eux qui sont rémunérés...).


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