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Altstatt, Alison
« The Music and Liturgy of Kloster Preetz: Anna von Buchwald's Buch im Chor in its fifteenth-century Context » , Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Oregon, 2011; Lori Kruckenberg, advisor


Bain, Jennifer L.
« Fourteenth-Century French Secular Polyphony and the Problem of Tonal Structure » , Ph.D., Music Theory, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2001. Direction : Sarah Fuller


Barnum, Eric
« 100 Chants: A Resource for Choral Practice and Performance » , Ph.D. in Musical Arts, University of Washington, 2013


Barr, Cyrilla M.
« The Laude francescane and the Disciplinati of thirteenth Century Umbria and Tuscany: A critical study of the Cortona Codex 91 », PhD, Washington: The Catholic University of America, 1965


Barrett, Sam. J.

« Notated verse in ninth- and tenth-century poetic collections », PhD, University of Cambridge, 2000

Batoff, Melanie
« Re-envisioning the Visitatio Sepulchri in Medieval Germany: The Intersection of Plainchant, Liturgy, Epic, and Reform » , Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Michigan, 2013; James M. Borders, advisor


Bent, Margaret
« The Old Hall Manuscript: a palaeographical study » Ph.D. in Musicology, Cambridge University, 1969


Bereza Sarah.
« Formularity and Formal Structure in the Old Beneventan Chant » ; Master of Music, University of Cincinnati, 2009. Direction : Matthew Peattie


Bevilacqua, Gregorio
« Il Comentum super cantum di Roger Caperon. Introduzione ed edizione critica » , Ph.D. in Musicology, Università di Bologna, 2009; Cesarino Ruini, Jan Herlinger, advisor


Bier, Robin
« The Ideal Orpheus: An Analysis of Virtuosic Self-Accompanied Singing as an Historical Vocal Performance Practice. », PhD thesis, University of York, 2013


Boletta, William Louis
« The Role of Music in Medieval German Drama: Easter Plays and Passion Plays » ; Ph.D. in Literature, Vanderbilt University, 1967


Bonse, Billee A.
« ”Singing to another tune”: Contrafacture and Attribution of Troubadour Song » ; Ph.D. in Musicology, Ohio State University, 2003; Charles M. Atkinson, advisor


Bowers, Roger Davies.
« Choral Institutions within the English Church: Their Constitution and Development, 1340-1500 » ; Ph.D., History, University of East Anglia, 1975. 


Buff, Carolann Elena
« Ciconia's Equal-Cantus Motets and the Creation of Early Fifteenth-Century Style » ; Ph.D. in Historical Musicology, Princeton University, 2015; Rob C. Wegman, advisor


Cazaux-Kowalki, Christelle.
« Le Graduel-responsorial-antiphonaire palimpseste de Turin : Paris, BnF, ms. Grec 2631 (Xe-XIe s.) : édition et commentaire » ; Doctorat de musicologie, École pratique des hautes études. 4e section, sciences historiques et philologiques, 2006. Direction : Marie-Noël Colette


Clark, Alice V.
« Concordare cum Materia: The Tenor in the Fourteenth-century Motet » ; Ph.D., Music History, Princeton University, 1996. Direction : Margaret Bent, Peter Jeffery


Colantuono, Maria Incoronata
« Cantigas de Santa Maria di Alfonso X el Sabio: Composizione musicale e oralità », Ph.D., Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2012


Colton, Lisa Marie
« Music and Sanctity in England,c.1260-c.1400 », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of York, 2003; Nicky Losseff, advisor


Cook, James
« Mid-Fifteenth-Century English Mass Cycles in Continental Sources » ; PhD, University of Nottingham, 2014


Cook, Karen
« Theoretical Treatments of the Semiminim in a Changing Notational World, 1315-1440 » ; Ph.D. in Musicology, Duke University, 2012; Thomas D. Brothers, advisor


Corrigan Ralph
« The Music Manuscript 2216 in the Bologna University Library: the copying and context of a fifteenth-century choirbook » ; PhD, University of Manchester, 2011


Craig-McFeely, Julia M.
« English Lute Manuscripts and Scribes 1530-1630 » ; Ph.D., University of Oxford, 1993.


Curry, Robert M.
« Fragments of Ars antiqua Music at Stary Sacz and the Evolution of the Clarist Order in Central Europe in the Thirteenth Century » Ph.D., Musicology, Monash University, 2003. Direction: Constant Mews and Carol Williams


Cuthbert, Michael Scott.
« Trecento Fragments and Polyphony beyond the Codex » ; Ph.D., Musicology, Harvard University, 2006. Direction : Thomas Forrest Kelly


Desmond, Karen
« Behind the Mirror: Revealing the Contexts of Jacobus's Speculum musicae », Ph.D. in Musicology, New York University, 2009; Edward Roesner, advisor


Duggan, Mary Kay
« Italian Music Incunabula: Printers and Type », Ph.D. in Printing and Publishing, University of California, Berkeley, 1991; Fredric Mosher, advisor


Dondi, Cristina Francesca
« The liturgy of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem (XII-XVI century) : with special reference to the practice of the orders of the Temple and St John of Jerusalem », Ph.D., King's College London, 2000


Earp, Lawrence M.
« Scribal Practice, Manuscript Production and the Transmission of Music in Late Medieval France: The Manuscripts of Guillaume de Machaut », Ph.D. in Music History, Princeton University, 1983


Edwards, Warwick A.
« The sources of Elizabethan consort music » ; Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 1974


Ellinwood, Leonard Webster
« The Works of Francesco Landini », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Rochester, 1936


Engels, Stefan
« Das Antiphonar von St. Peter in Salzburg Cod. ÖNB Ser. nov. 2700 und die Skriptorien der Stadt Salzburg im 12. Jahrhundert: Eine musikwissenschaftliche Studie », Ph.D. in Musicology, Salzburg, 1988


Evans, Michael C.
« A New Look at Ars Subtilior Notation and Style in the Codex Chantilly, Ms. 564 » Master of Music (MM), Ohio University, Music History and Literature (Fine Arts), 2011. Direction : Elizabeth Sayrs, Mark Phillips


Everist, Mark Egerton,
« Polyphonic Music in Thirteenth-Century France: Aspects of Sources and Distribution », Ph.D. in Music, Keeble College, Oxford University, 1985


Fallows, David Nicholas
« Robert Morton's Songs: A Study of Styles in the Mid-Fifteenth Century » Ph.D. in Musicology, University of California at Berkeley, 1978; Anthony Newcomb, advisor


Flowers, Andrew T
« Rhythm in the polyphonic conductus : a computational model and its implications » Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Rochester, 2013


Friman, Anna Maria
« Modern performance of sacred medieval music with particular reference to women's voices », Ph.D., The University of York, 2008


Gattozzi, Bibiana Carmela Pia.
« St Vincent and St Peter : location and the musical connection between two feasts in Ben 35 » ; Masters report, Musicology, University of Texas at Austin, 2011. Direction : Luisa Nardini


Gardner, Johann von
« Das Problem des altrussischen demestischen Kirchengesanges und seiner linienlosen Notation », Ph.D. in Musicology, München, 1965


Gebr, Adela
« The Role of the Franciscans in the Development of Thirteenth-Century Sacred and Secular Monophony », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Southern California, 1983


Gellnick, Franklyn M.
« The disposition of the tritone in Gregorian Chant. », Ph.D., University of Kent at Canterbury, 1997


Gerlach, Oliver.
« Im Labyrinth des Oktōīchos — Über die Rekonstruktion einer mittelalterlichen Improvisationspraxis in der Musik der Ost- & Westkirche », Humboldt University, 2006.


Haines, John D.
« The Musicography of the Manuscrit du Roi », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Toronto, 1998; Robert Falck, advisor


Harper (Roper), Sally
« Medieval English Benedictine liturgy : Studies in the formation, structure, and content of the monastic votive office, c. 950-1540 », Ph.D. in Musicology, Oxford University, 1989


Helsen, Katherine Eve.
« The Great Responsories of the Divine Office: Aspects of Structure and Transmission » Ph.D., Medieval Musicology, Regensburg, 2008. David Hiley


Henrik Aubert, Eduardo.
« Intento sensu et vigilanti mente: esboço de uma problemática histórica do som no Ocidente medieval » ; Dissertação de Mestrado, História Social, Universidade de São Paulo, 2007. Direction : Hilario Franco Junior


Herzo, Sister Anthony Marie
« Five Aquitanian Graduals: Their Mass Propers and Alleluia Cycles », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Southern California, 1967


Hicks, Andrew
« Music, Myth, and Metaphysics: Harmony in Twelfth-century Cosmology and Natural Philosophy », Ph.D. Philosophy Centre for Medieval Studies University of Toronto, 2012


Hilley, David.
« The liturgical music of Norman Sicily : a study centered on manuscripts 288, 289, 19421 and vitrina 20-4 of the Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid » Ph.D. in Musicology, University of London, 1981. Direction : Gunilla Iversen


Holladay, Richard L.
« The Musica enchiriadis and Scholia enchiriadis: A Translation and Commentary », Ph.D. in Theory, Ohio State University, 1977


Holthaus, Sister Mary Joachim, O.S.B.
« Beneventan Notation in the Vatican Manuscripts », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Southern California, 1962


Hughes, Richard Vaughan
« The ritus canendi vetustissimus et novus of Johannes Legrense: a critical edition with translation, introduction and notes on the text. » PhD thesis, University of Glasgow, 1996


Huglo Michel
« Les tonaires--inventaire, analyse, comparaisons », Doct. in Letters, Paris, 1969


Jeffreys, Catherine M.
« Melodia et rhetorica: The Devotional-Song Repertory of Hildegard of Bingen », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Melbourne, 2000; John Griffiths, advisor


Jõks, Eerik
« Contemporary understanding of Gregorian chant - conceptualisation and practice. » PhD thesis, University of York, 2009


Karim, Armin
« "My People, What Have I Done to You?": The Good Friday Popule meus Verses in Chant and Exegesis, c. 380–880 », Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, Musicology, 2014 Direction : David Rothenberg


Kihlman, Erika.
« Expositiones sequentiarum: Medieval Sequence Commentaries and Prologues. Editions with Introductions » Ph.D., Classical Languages, Stockholm University, 2006. Direction : Gunilla Iversen


Kretzschmar, Hermann
« De Signis Musicis Quae Scriptores per Primam Medii Aevi Partem usque ad Guidonis Aretini Tempora Florentes Tradiderint », Ph.D. in Musicology, Leipzig, 1871; Friedrich Ritschl and Oscar Paul, advisors


Lacoste, Debra S.
« The Earliest Klosterneuburg Antiphoners » ; Ph.D., Musicology, University of Western Ontario, 2000. Direction : Terence Bailey


Layton, Billy Jim
« Italian Music for the Ordinary of the Mass, 1300-1450 », Ph.D. in Music, Harvard University, 1960


Lefferts, Peter M.
« The Motet in England in the Fourteenth Century » ; Ph.D., Historical Musicology, Columbia University, 1983. Direction : Ernest H. Sanders


Leverett, Adelyn Peck
« Paleographical and Repertorial Study of the Manuscript Trento, Castello del Buonconsiglo, 91 (1378)  » ; Ph.D. in Musicology, Princeton University, 1990


Lloyd, Richard
« Music in the parish church in late Medieval London », Ph.D. , University of London, 2000


Loewen, Peter Victor
« 'Singing Men into Spiritual Joy': The Rhetoric of Franciscan Piety in the Lyrics of the Late Medieval German Passion Play and Marienklage », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Southern California, 2000; Richard J. Wingell, advisor


Lopez, Mariana Julieta
« Hearing the York Mystery Plays : acoustics, staging and performance », Ph.D. PhD thesis, University of York, 2013


Losseff, Nicola
« Insular sources of thirteenth-century polyphony and the significance of Notre Dame. », Ph.D. in Musicology, King's College London, 1993


MacInnis, John
« The Harmony of All Things: Music, Soul, and Cosmos in the Writings of John Scottus Eriugena », Ph.D. in Musicology, Florida State University, 2014; Charles E. Brewer, advisor


Margerum, Alice C.
« Situating the citole, c.1200-1400 », Ph.D., London Metropolitan University, 2010


Marquis, George Welton
« Contrapuntal and Harmonic Tendencies in Fourteenth-Century France », Ph.D. in Music, University of Southern California, 1950


Maxwell, Sheila Kate.
« Guillaume de Machaut and the Mise en page of Medieval French Sung Verse » Ph.D., Medieval Studies, University of Glasgow, 2009 Direction : Warwick Edwards, Peter Davies


McInnes, Louise
« The social, political and religious contexts of the late Medieval carol ». Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield, 2013


Milsom, John R.
« English Polyphonic Style in Transition: A Study of the Sacred Music of Thomas Tallis »  Ph.D. in Musicology, Magdalen College, Oxford University, 1983; Denis Arnold, advisor

Molina, Mauricio
« Frame Drums in the Medieval Iberian Peninsula », PhD in Musicology, City University of New York Graduate Center 2006. Anne Stone, Advisor


Montefu, Jennette Lauren.
« The latin texted motets of Guillaume de Machaut », Master of Music, Australian Catholic University, 2003.


Morent, Stefan Johannes
« Studien zum Einfluß instrumentaler auf vokale Musik im Mittelalter », Ph.D. in Musicology, Tübingen, 1995; August Gerstmeier, advisor


Mori, Hiroko
« Conflicting modal assignments of office antiphons: A comparative study of seven Germanic sources », Master of Music, University of Ottawa, 1998


Mullally, Robert Desmond Gerard
« The carole : a study of a medieval French dance », Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy, King's College London, 20007


Myers, Gregory A.
« The Asmatic Troparia, Katavasiai, and Hypokoai "Cycles" in Their Paleoslavonic Recensions: A Study in Comparative Palaeography » Ph.D., Musicology, University of British Columbia, 1994. Direction : Milos Velimirovic


O'Connor, Niobe
« A Study of the Sibyl Chant and Its Dramatic Performance in the Spanish Church (Ninth to Sixteenth Centuries)  », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of St. Andrews, 1984


O'Keefe, Karen Maeve
« Relationship between music and the supernatural as that is portrayed in early medieval Irish literature », Ph.D., University of Edinburgh, 1995


Patterson, Helen
« The Antiphonary of Bangor and its Musical Implications », Ph.D. of Music, University of Toronto, 2013. Direction : John Haines


Peck Leverett Adelyn.
« A Paleographical and Repertorial Study of the Manuscript Trento, Castello del Buonconsiglio, 91 (1378) » ; Ph.D., Music History, Princeton University, 1996. Direction : Margaret Bent, Kenneth Levy


Porterfield, Richard
« Melodic Function and Modal Process in Gregorian Chant » Ph.D., Music, The City University of New York, 2014 (pdf)


Recek, Andrea Rose.
« The Aquitanian Sacred Repertoire in Its Cultural Context: An Examination of Petri clavigeri kari, In hoc anni circulo, and Cantu miro summa laude » ;  Master of Arts The School ofMusic and Dance and the Graduate School of the University of Oregon, 2008. Direction : Lori Kruckenberg


Rico, Gilles.
« Music in the Arts Faculty of Paris in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries » ; Ph.D., University of Oxford, 2005. Direction Margaret Bent, Cecilia Trifogli


Rillon-Marne, Anne-Zoé.
« Philippe Le Chancelier et son œuvre : étude sur l’élaboration d’une poétique musicale », Ph.D., Musicologie Université de Poitiers, 2008. Direction : Olivier Cullin


Robb, Stuart.
« To Begin, Continue and Complete: Music in the Wider Context of Artistic Patronage by Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503) and the Hymn Cycle of CS 15 » ; Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Manchester, 2011.


Rose-Steel, Tamsyn
« French Ars nova motets and their manuscripts : citational play and material context », Ph.D., University of Exeter, 2011


Rutter, Philip
« Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds latin 1240: A Transcription and Analysis of the Trope Repertoire », Ph.D. in Musicology, Royal Holloway College, University of London, 1993; David Hiley, advisor


Ryan, Bettina
« The Anonymous Musicae artis disciplina: A Critical Edition », Ph.D. of Music, University of Toronto, 2013. Direction : John Haines


Saint-Cricq, Gaël.
« Formes types dans le motet du XIIIe siècle: étude d’un processus répétitif », Ph.D., University of Southampton, School of Humanities, 2009.


Salvado, Sebastian E.
« The Liturgy of the Holy Sepulchre and the Templar Rite: Edition and Analysis of the Jerusalem Ordinal (Rome, Bib. Vat., Barb. lat. 659) with a Comparative Study of the Acre Breviary (Paris, Bib. Nat., Ms. Latin 10478) », Ph.D. in Musicology - Humanities, Stanford University, 2011; William P. Mahrt, advisor


Sandon, Nicholas John.
« The Henrician Partbooks Belonging to Peterhouse, Cambridge (Cambridge, University Library, Peterhouse Manuscripts 471-474): A Study, with Restorations of the Incomplete Compositions Contained in Them » Ph.D., Musicology, University of Exeter, 1983


Saulnier, Daniel.
« Des variantes musicales dans la tradition manuscrite des antiennes du répertoire romano-franc » Ph.D., Musicologie, Ecole Pratique des Hautes-Etudes, IVe section, 2005. Direction Marie-Noël Colette


Schell, Sarah
« The Office of the Dead in England : image and music in the Book of Hours and related texts, c. 1250-c. 1500 », Ph.D. Philosophy school of art history, University of St Andrews, 2009 ; Direction :  Julian Luxford


Schier, Volker
« Tropen zum Fest der Erscheinung des Herrn », Ph.D. in Musicology, Eichstätt, 1996; Karlheinz Schlager, advisor


Shephard, Tim
« Alfonso I d'Este: music and identity in Ferrara. », PhD thesis, University of Nottingham, 2010


Sherrill, William Manning.
« The Gradual of St. Yrieix in eleventh-century Aquitaine » ; Ph.D., Musicology, University of Texas at Austin, 2011. Direction : Luisa Nardini


Simard, Andree Giselle
« The Manuscript Torino J.II.9: A Late Medieval Perspective on Musical Life and Culture at the Court of the Lusignan Kings at Nicosia », Master of Music, University of Akron, Music-History & Literature, 2005. Direction : Toliver Brooks


Slemon, Peter L.,
« Adam von Fulda on musica plana and compositio. De musica, Book II: A Translation and Commentary », Ph.D., University of British Columbia 1994


Smilansky, Uri
« Rethinking Ars Subtilior: Context, Language, Study and Performance », PhD, University of Exeter, 2010


Smishkewych, Wolodymyr Joseph
« An Online Digital Facsimile of the Lugo Codex » D.M. in Voice Performance, Indiana University, 2013; Paul Elliott, advisor


Stoessel, Jason James.
« The Captive Scribe: The Context and Culture of Scribal and Notational Process in the Music of the Ars subtilior ». Ph.D., Musicology, University of New England, 2003. Direction : Rex Eakins


Sullivan, Blair
« Grammar and harmony: The written representation of musical sound in Carolingian treatises », PhD Los Angeles: University of California, 1994


Taylor,Leslie Anne
« The eight monophonic political planctus of the Florence manuscript », Master’s Thesis, University of British Columbia, 1994


Táborszky, Györgyi
« Studien zu Repertoire und liturgischer Verwendung von Sequenzen in mittelalterlichen österreichischen Benediktinerklöstern ». Ph.D., Musicology, Institut für Kirchenmusik und Orgel der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz. Direction : Franz Karl Praßl.


Tello Ruiz-Pérez, Arturo.
« Transferencias del canto medieval: los tropos del Ordinarium Missae en los manuscritos espanoles » Ph.D., Musicology, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2006. Direction : Carmen Julia Gutiérrez


Tischler, Hans
« The Motet in Thirteenth-Century France », Ph.D. in History of Music, Yale University, 1942


Trowell, Brian
« Music under the later Plantagenets » PhD, University of Cambridge, 1960


Unruh, Patricia
« ’Fumeur’ poetry and music of the Chantilly codex : a study of its meaning and background », MA thesis, University of British Columbia, 1983


Vanin, Claudio
« Musical Form and Tonal Structure in Troubadour Song », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Western Ontario, 1994; Terence Bailey, advisor


Vergine, Bibiana Carmela Pia
« The Hymns of Medieval Southern Italy: Music, Politics, and the Transformation of Local Liturgical Song »; Ph.D. in Historical Musicology, Princeton University, 2016; Rob C. Wegman, advisor


Washer, Nancy E.
« ”Los motz e.l so”: Words, Melody, and Their Interaction in the Songs of Folquet de Marseille », Ph.D. in Musicology, Louisiana State University, 2002; Jan Herlinger, advisor


Widaman, Jean
« The Mass Ordinary Settings of Arnold de Lantins: A Case Study in the Transmission of Early Fifteenth-century Music » Vol 1, Vol 2, Ph.D., Musicology, Brandeis University, 1988. Direction :Jessie Ann Owens


Williamson, Magnus.
« The Eton Choirbook: Its Institutional and Historical Background » Ph.D., Historical Musicology, Magdalen College, Oxford University, 1997. Direction : John Caldwell and Andrew Wathey


Wilton, Peter J. S.
« The Transmission of the Alleluia Prosula: Stability, Variation and Change », Ph.D. in Historical Musicology, Royal Holloway College, University of London, 1998; David Hiley and Geoffrey Chew, advisors


Wingell, Richard Joseph
« Anonymous XI (CS III): An Edition, Translation, and Commentary », Ph.D. in Musicology, University of Southern California, 1973


Woodward, Rebekah Elizabeth
« Relationships between the twelfth-century Aquitanian polyphonic versus and two-part conductus repertories », PhD Thesis, School of Music, The University of Queensland, 2016


Zayaruznaya, Anna A.
« Form and Idea in the Ars nova Motet », Ph.D. in Musicology, Harvard University, 2010; Sean Gallagher, advisor




Le site de l’AMS (American Musicological Society) permet de rechercher par période d’étude des thèses ayants été soutenues :




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Comment by Stefan Udell on December 9, 2019 at 4:40

Udell, Stefan

«The Key of Ordering: Reading Musical Manuscripts of the Thirteenth ...», PhD in Musicology, University of Toronto, 2019; John Haines, advisor

Comment by Herminio Gonzalez-Barrionuevo on January 20, 2018 at 12:02

My dear friend.  Could you add here my doctoral theses in Gregorian Chant?  HERMINIO GONZALEZ-BARRIONUEVO:  El Pes Initio Débilis en las Principales Familias Neumáticas. Notación y límites. Estudio Paleográfico y Semiológico. This thesis is the last work  written under the  direction of Dom Eugène Cardine in the Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra (Roma, 1987). It was published in 2015 by Iglesia Nacional Española, 2015), in ROMA, Via Giulia 151. ISNB 978-84-944877-4-3.   Thank you... My best for you: Herminio González

Comment by Dra. Isabel Arias on January 14, 2018 at 20:11

Chère Dominique,

je vous laisse ma thèse doctorale (Valencia 2017)

Mes salutations a toute la famille,

Isabel Arias 

Comment by Torge Schiefelbein on April 25, 2017 at 12:53

Dear Dominique,

if you could add my doctoral thesis on the "Liber selectarum cantionum" as well I'd be most grateful.The digital version can be found here:

Merci beaucoup!

Comment by Michael Scott Cuthbert on March 5, 2017 at 19:28


It probably belongs in the world's smallest font, because it's a Bachelor's thesis (A.B.), but there are a few things that I got right in my undergraduate thesis on the Paduan fragments that either haven't been published elsewhere or were first published there.  

Cuthbert, Michael Scott.  “Fragments of Polyphonic Music from the Abbey of S. Giustina: Codices, Composers, and Context in Late-Medieval Padua,” (Thesis (A.B.), Harvard University: 1998). 

A link to the "web" version: or the PDF:

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on February 19, 2017 at 8:47

I have to correct the data given here. My doctoral thesis is only in parts online and the correct link is: (click here)

Please address me personally, if you would like to have the full publication on a CD ROM (30 €).

My master thesis, since many asked for it, was designed as a multimedia web page and is fully available under open access conditions:

Improvisation im Organum purum [About the traditional improvisation...
Master Thesis, Humboldt University, April 2001

Comment by Ronald Woodley on November 11, 2016 at 17:22

PS: Autre lien pour en télécharger les deux volumes en PDF:


Comment by Ronald Woodley on November 11, 2016 at 17:15

Cher Dominique: Si vous voulez ajouter ma thèse doctorale (Université d'Oxford, 1982) à votre liste merveilleuse, en voici le lien:


Ron Woodley

Comment by Jason Stoessel on November 1, 2016 at 11:08

Another to add:

Williams, Sarah Jane Manley. The music of Guillaume de Machaut. PhD dissertation, Yale University, 1952.

Comment by Karin Strinnholm Lagergren on July 30, 2016 at 20:37

This is such a great treasure, thanks for compiling this!

Best wishes,



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