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Colloquia Aquitana VII: 27-29-VIII-2020: Cur Deus homo: Sotériologie, en relation avec la liturgie, les nombres, la musique, les couleurs.

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Comment by Illo HUMPHREY on August 25, 2020 at 10:36

Colloquia Aquitana VII - 2020

  • London, Lambeth Palace Library | Bibliotheca Lambethana | Ms 224, 12th c., in. | Manuscript “M” •

« Cur Deus homo »: Soteriology 

(in relationship to Theology, Liturgy, Hagiography, Iconography, Music, Numbers, Colours, etc.)

  • The Event:The Colloquia Aquitana VII2020, entitled « Cur Deus homo »: Soteriology, in relationship to Theology, Philosophy, Liturgy, Hagiography, Iconography, Music, Numbers, Colours, etc., will be held in south-western France from the 27th - 29th of August, in the city of Bergerac, France •


  • Nota bene: Participation via video-conference is provided 



  • Nota bene (1)Soteriology: « Cur Deus homo » ( « Why did God become Man ? »), is the title of a treatise on the Christian doctrine of Salvation, called « Soteriology ».  The treatise was written at the end of the 11th c. between 1094 and 1098 by Saint Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury (*Aosta, Italy, ca.1033 – †Canterbury, England, ca.1109). 


  • Nota bene (2) | Etymology:The term « Soteriology » is derived from several Greek words, namely: (1)  Σωτηρία, τῆς Σωτηρίας | Latin: salus, salutis | satisfactio,  satisfactionis, which mean: salvation, redemption, deliverance, liberation, satisfaction [expiation]; (2) τὸ Σωτήριον, τοῦ Σωτήριου | Latin: salus, salutis, which means: the power of salvation, liberation, deliverance, healing; (3)  σωτήρ, τοῦ σωτῆρος | Latin:  salvator, salvatoris | redemptor, redemptorisliberatorliberatoris, which mean: saviour, redeemer, liberator. Soteriology is therefore the Christian doctrine of the original sin, redemption, and t salvation of humanity. The definition of this doctrine is based on 2 New Testament texts: Acts of the Apostles IV, 11, 12, and Ephesians II, 8, 9, 10 •


 © Illo Humphrey, PhD-HDR | Medivaelist – Musicologist •

  • • Université Bordeaux Montaigne | EA 4593 CLARE-LaPRIL •


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