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HK en concert au Kilowatt - Fête de l'Humanité 2020

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Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Against mask and test abuse 

Judgement of Weimar:

“Die Kinder werden physisch, psychisch und pädagogisch geschädigt und in ihren Rechten verletzt, ohne dass dem ein Nutzen für die Kinder selbst oder Dritte gegenübersteht.”

“Children are harmed physically, psychologically and deformed pedagogically, while their rights have been violated; and all this without any use for themselves nor for others.”

“Sensationsurteil aus Weimar: keine Masken, kein Abstand, keine Tests mehr für Schüler [Sensational judgement at Weimar: no masks, no distancing, no tests any longer for pupils],” 2020 NEWS (blog), 10 April 2021. Link.

Hugh MacCarthy, “Ex School Principal: Education and Socialisation Cannot Happen behind a Mask—It Is Unnecessary, Educationally Destructive and Self Evidently Unhygienic,” News Letter, 8 April 2021. Link.

Jean-Pierre Joseph, « Me Joseph, défenseur des ‹victimes d’un régime qui pourrait s’appeler la Scientocratie› [Attorney Joseph, defender of the ‘victims of the regime one might call imperial pseudo-science’] », FranceSoir, 23 February 2021. Link.

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

An econonomic crisis worse than the 1930s caused by the Pharma mafia

Christian Kreiß in an interview about the necessity of cutting debts and why politicians have not the courage to do their job (30 March)

Christian Kreiß, Gekaufte Forschung: Wissenschaft im Dienst der Industrie - Irrweg Drittmittelforschung [Sold-out Research: Science serving the industry—meandering with third-party funds] (Munich: Europa-Verlag, 2015). ISBN 978-3-944305-72-1.

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Can lockdowns ever work?

Mike Yeadon in dialogue with Dan Astin-Gregory (8 April)

Link against illegal censorship!

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

Public speech by Ralf Ludwig during the manifestation in Stuttgart

Ralf Ludwig reads an appeal by Sarah Luzia Hassel-Reusing (see her request for testimonies of crimes against humanity for a trial at Den Haag on 8 December) that each crime will be persecuted and the responsibile will be confronted with their crimes and the victims (3 April)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

Forty seventh session at the Foundation Corona-Committee

The 47th hearing at the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss has the title "Unpack and seize... (Auspacken und Anpacken)" with Martin Schwab, Rabbi Chananya Weissman (Israel), Sabine Lehmann (textile shop in Hamburg), Axel Turck (aluminium factory at Lüdenscheid), Helmut Ohlhoff (shoe factory at Buchholz), Hendrick Pahl (costumes, medieval arm smith and brewery at Wacken) with the lawyer Maecel Templin, and the school teacher Ingo Ritter (9 April, live-stream from 11:15 am CET)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

Documentation of "vaccine" injuries

Unlike many pictures you can see in TV, these documents (quite disturbing) are verified. Many of them had been posted by the victims or one of their family members at Facebook or other social networks. They were meant as a warning, because people do no longer trust that the official authorities in charge do their work properly. They had been systematically censored by Facebook and other biased companies.

Video with press review by Eric Dubay (9 February 2021)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

A short interview with Heiko Schöning

A new worldwide, but decentralised protest culture has been successfully established on Saturday, 20 March, one of the initiators were the organisers of the manifestation in the small German town Kassel, also Heiko Schöning joined it

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

Protests in Italy

The protests in Italy do become very desperate, especially because the mainstream (RAI, Berlusconi, Il mattino, il messaggero, la Repubblica ecc.) does not care about the real people and just offer the official narrative of corruption. For an archive about the protests against the government I recommend the homepage of il local team:

This page was originally made to document volcanos, earthquakes and all kinds of natural catastrophes and disasters, but they also do now the work which is supposed to be done by journalists:

The protests of gastronomy at the Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, the Italian Chamber of Deputies (6 April)

Protest yesterday documented by the Iranian journalist Hamid Masoumi Nejad

Protest of merchants in Milan (6 April)

Protest of taxi-drivers swear against the President Sergio Mattarella and the Italian government (26 March)

Merchant protest at Florence refuse officially the insufficient alms offered by the health minister (Agenzia DIRE, 7 April)  Blockade of the highway at the exit Napoli-Caserta, discussion between protesters and drivers (6 April)

Small entrepreneurs raised 15 crosses at the Piazza Plebiscito of Naples to remind everyone that the lockdown policies do not care, but voluntarily intend to destroy not only the local economy, but also all the local and traditional craftship which is related to it (alanews, 7 April)

Byoblu (7 April)

Campania made also deals with the Russian pharma company Sputnik which is collaborating with AstraZeneca (Camposano, NA)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

Enlightening about global economy: a new documentary by Tim Gielen

The Dutch initiative "Vrouwen voor Vrijheid" ("Women for freedom") recommends Tim Gielen's documentary "Monopoly: een totaalplaarje van the Great Reset" ("Monopoly: an overview of the Great Reset") (April 2021)

Link against illegal censorship! 

Dutch version and original version with English subtitles

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Thursday

First the people in home care, now the children

"Nuovi dubbi Ema su AstraZeneca. Un nesso con le trombosi c’è ['New doubts' at the European Medicines Agency concerning AstraZeneca, there ARE complications with thromboses indeed]," Huffington Post Italy, 6 April 2021. Link.

"Impfnebenwirkungen im Detail ['Vaccination' injuries in detail according to the database of EMA]," 2020 NEWS (blog), 7 April 2021. Link.

"Mitarbeiterin aus Gesundheitsamt: Es gab nie eine Überlastung [Whistleblower of the German health office: there has never been a real emergency]," 2020 NEWS, 7 April 2021. Link.


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