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HK en concert au Kilowatt - Fête de l'Humanité 2020


International initiatives:

Global information about collateral damages caused by WHO

The Great Barrington Declaration (PANDA)

World Freedom Alliance (World Doctors Alliance)

International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Medical Freedom International (UK)

Physicians for informed consent (PIC)

Children's Health Defense (Europe)

European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance (EFVV)

Worldwide class action against Drosten's PCR test

The Greater Reset

American initiatives:

Children's Health Defense (USA)

America's frontline doctors

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Initiative für evidenzbasierte Corona Informationen (ICI)

Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss (ACU-A)

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CoviLeaks UK

Alliance for Natural Health International (UK)

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL)

Power to the People (PttP)

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Buitenparlementaire Onderzoekscommissie

Viruswaarheid liefe & eenheid

French initiatives:

Reinfo Covid

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Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit und Demokratie e.V.

Demokratischer Widerstand

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft kritischer Polizistinnen und Polizisten e.V.

Corona Schadensersatzklage

Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss

Ausserparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss

Ärzte für Aufklärung

Ärzte klären auf

Anwälte für Aufklärung


Mutigmacher e.V.

Schulen stehen auf

Eltern stehen auf

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Irish Freedom Party

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Notrecht Referendum

Swiss Policy Research (SPR)

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Comment by Oliver Gerlach 3 hours ago

Fifty seventh session at the Foundation Corona-Committee

The 57th hearing has the title “Under pressure” with
- Pieter Kuit (theologist) and his daughter Jade Kuit and their initiative Buitenparlementaire Onderzoekscommissie (BPOC 2020) about the situation in Netherlands, the situation of mobbing and Police violence,
- Gottfried Forsthuber (lawyer) about the constitutional complaint and the situation in Austria,
- Ralf Tillenburg (physician) about the situation of medical doctors in Germany,
- Martin Hörte (pediatrician) about his initiative "Freie Impfentscheidung" (opposed to the current concept of desinformation) and its concept of informed and individual consent, the terror regime and denunciation at schools which convinced many parents to leave their children at home,
- Discussion with the panel about the intentional disqualification of producer test groups by vaccinating the placebo patients, it simply proves that the whole testing was always meant as a farce to fool the public,
- exchange with Simone Gold (medical doctor and founder of American frontline doctors) about crimes against humanity and how to motivate lawyers to do their work properly;
- film with parents whose healthy son died by an auto-immune response to the careless experimentation on humans (18 June, live-stream from 11 am CET) 


Megan Redshaw, ‘Inventor of MRNA Technology [Robert Malone during “Dark Horse Podcast”]: Vaccine Causes Lipid Nanoparticles to Accumulate in “High Concentrations” in Ovaries’, The Defender: Children’s Health Defense News & Views, 17 June 2021. Link with extract of an interview video.

‘Warum werden Geflüchtete fehlinformiert über die Impfungen ? [Why is there a desinformation of refugees concerning the vaccines?]’, 2020 NEWS (blog), 19 June 2021. Link.

Official data about testing phases:


1) Phase III Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study of AZD1222 for the Prevention of COVID-19 in Adults

2) AZD1222 Vaccine for the Prevention of COVID-19

BioNTech / Pfizer

Study to Describe the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals


A Study to Evaluate Efficacy, Safety, and Immunogenicity of mRNA-1273 Vaccine in Adults Aged 18 Years and Older to Prevent COVID-19

Comment by Oliver Gerlach 4 hours ago

"This is no experiment, it is simply a crime badly hidden by an unethical and immoral censorship!"

Not reporting side effects of the current experimentation is a very serious crime that governments all over the world had committed thousand of times already! Pinkie Feinstein (founder of "Israeli People's Committee", 5 May)

The deception of Israeli people is of global concern for all the countries who had planned to follow Israel (20 May)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach yesterday

Crimes of corruption

Astrid Stückelberger (former advisor at the WHO and whistleblower) about the declaration of the pandemic (planet lockdown, 11 June)

"They locked down the world on a basis of the test!" and the commit once more to mask abuse without even discussing it, although Fauci declared in 2008 that during the Spanish flue the mask has killed more people than the flue itself, all the studies made by the "vaccine" companies reveal already that they do not care at all!

About global corruption

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

Ano Turtiainen at the Finnish Parliament

Ano Turtiainen warned the in a public speech at the Finnish parliament to commit to a genocide covered up as a Covid-vaccine (English subtitles, 9 June)

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

The governer of Arizona prohibits common health policies as unfounded at universities

Erin Schumaker, ‘Universities Can’t Require Vaccines: Arizona Governor’s Executive Order’, ABC News, 16 June 2021. Link.

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Friday

How to prove a vaccination injury

Here an extract of the session 55 which explains a formular:

In order to get a compensation for an injury of the mRNA "vaccine" (as well as damaged person as for your employer who asked for it) it is recommended to make a blood test before the vaccination and (at least one week) after the vaccination:

There is a word version as well (right on the start page "Formblatt zur Blutwertbestimmung").

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Thursday

Carnival of Disobedience

was held in Berlin on 12 June

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Thursday

World Freedom Forum at Barcelona (24-26 June)

Please visit the conference's homepage:

Invitation by Angelo Giorgianni:

Other invitations:

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Thursday

Simone Gold at France Soir

"The young do not know that they have a better chance to get infected with the vaccine..." Simone Gold about the campaign to vaccinate children (English and dubbed in French, 15 June)

Join the French initiative to protect the children:

Comment by Oliver Gerlach on Thursday

"An old epidemic under a new name?"

Claus Köhnlein in an interview with Gunnar Kaiser (11 June)


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