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In memory of Giusi and Gianni Belluscio

Stornello composed by Gianni performed by «I Cantori di San Basile» at the Bulgarian church St. Boris the Baptist of Berlin (9 June 2018)

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Comment by Oliver Gerlach on April 11, 2021 at 11:57

Serenade (stornello)

E lula e lula murtili
kur to sheh siu
m’ bon vili-vili
dil oj jasht’
e moj shllojma nj’ hjet’ e
ti t’ thom prroz’
se të dua tij vet’ e.

Flower, flower of the Bluberry!
Whenever I look at you,
tears sparkle in my eyes.
Come out
and pass me your braid,
so that I can tell you in privat
that it is only you whom I love.
Gianni Belluscio


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