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Life and Orthodox chant - Neofit, Metropolitan of Russe

CD by Neofit, the current Patriarch of Bulgaria:
- Semantrons
- Obyatiya otcha (echos plagios devteros, glas 6)
- Neofit Rilski: Koinonikon "Se pokayaniya uchitelya" (echos legetos, gl. 4)
- Cherouvikon (echos protos, gl. 1)
- Doxastikon "Slava - Gospodi yazhe" (echos plagios tetartos, gl. 8)
- Doxastikon "Bogonachalnim manoveniem" (echos plagios protos, gl. 5)
- Angel vopiashe (echos plagios protos, gl. 5)
- Doxastikon "Tebe odeyushtagosya" (echos plagios protos, gl. 5)
- Petros Bereketis: Heirmos kalophonikon "Ne tleniya izkusheniem rozhdshaya" (echos varys, gl. 7)
- Bells
- Heirmos "Dostoyno est" (echos devteros, gl. 2)

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