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Neumes as hand signs by Fr. Columba Kelly

In this video, Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB, explains how the neumes that predate the “square notation” are actually hand signs frozen on parchment. This is a high...

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Comment by Oliver Gerlach on June 23, 2018 at 8:05

I like this vivid presentation!

Unfortunately, it is just the typical way to misunderstand cheironomia, if you forget everything which was said about it since Riemann, Thibaut, Floros and later Alexandru and Doneda etc. We can learn from it that Latin alone is simply not enough to get into the subject... One gesture usually means a whole melodic phrase, including its rhythm, if someone is not up to face the whole question, it is enough to repeat what was already written by Thibaut in 1907.

I just wonder, why some are still so keen on making the same mistakes over and over again...


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