- some parts with neume notation and diastematic neume noation

- Officium defunctorum near to Saint-Ruf, Avignon (responsories) and Albi 20 (lectures)

- dedicatio: "Aput Anicium dedicatio ecclesie sce Marie virg. (=Le Puy-en-Velay)

- the manuscript is in private property

Here are some examples for the notation:

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  • For many purposes a facsimile would be more than good enough. Even if we don't have the manuscripts we can perfectly study into great depth Chartres and Mont Renaud e.g. A facsimile should have been the focus of tax paid governement employees, not the ownership. Tell me where I am wrong.

  • Exceptional. Probably we.ll nethermore see this manuscript.
  • I can précise that the bibliothèque nationale could buy this sacramental at a price around 200 000 €. Unfortunately it was not enough. The local mobilisation was
  • And this is also a very delicate detail: the auctioneer took 30000 (more than half of the estimated value of the manuscript), and more than the Bibliothèque nationale could afford according their budget (at least if we believe Brigitte Cante de "FranceTV").

  • Oder wie Bertold Brecht es ausdrückte: Erst kommt das Fressen, dann die Moral!

    I am very interested, what they will do instead with all this money...

    I do not expect that they will buy cheaper Persian manuscripts, even if their kalligraphic style might be more sophisticated—following Paul Getty's philosophy, we do not waste 20 millions on second-rate impressionists' paintings, because Chinese immobiliers are ready to pay such a sum for them.

    I hope this manuscript was a well-done fake, which helped the archive out of a financial dilemma... Otherwise, this is a scandal!

  • Ca, c'est enormement triste. So, it is in the hands of a private collector then, and there is no way to contact them to ask about studying it? Am I correct in what I've read?

  • La presse s'est un peu intéressée à la vente :

    Vente aux enchères : Un précieux manuscrit échappe à la cathédrale du Puy-en-Velay




    Le précieux manuscrit du XIème siècle échappe à la Haute-Loire


    Un manuscrit rare de la cathédrale du Puy acheté 356.800 euros... par un inconnu !


    HAUTE-LOIRE. Un manuscrit liturgique rare adjugé 356800 euros en Autriche


  • Thanks a lot, I knew, the national french library tried to buy it but it was too much.

    I would like to ask you, if you can send me, as you proposed, a PDF copy of your article wich will be published in july.
    I am responsible of a local review, called "Cahiers de la Haute-Loire", we want to propose you to publish this article in a french tranlation in our revue.
    I can send you, if you want an exemplar of this revue, in order you realise what it is.
    Best regards and I apologize for my poor english.
    Didier PERRE dperre@free.fr
  • Today the manuscript was sold at the Dorotheum for 290.000 EURO (+ VAT and fees, telephone order).
    At the moment I don't know anything about the new owner. But I'll try to find out.

  • Bonjour à toutes et tous,

    Les archives départementales de la Haute-Loire lancent un appel urgent à
    contribution afin d’acquérir ce manuscrit afin qu'il revienne dans sa ville d'origine :


    Des dispositions fiscales attractives concernent ce type de dons, notamment
    pour les sociétés.

    Merci de diffuser très largement.

    Sacramentaire inconnu de la cathédrale du Puy - Archives départementales de la Haute-Loire
    Ressort d’on ne sait où un sacramentaire inconnu de la cathédrale du Puy, dans la seconde moitié du XIe siècle, juste avant la Première Croisade. Il…
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