Parce domine antiphon

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I am looking for any background history on the antiphon "Parce domine" (Liber usualis, p. 1860). The text is: “Parce Domine, parce pro populo tuo, quem redemisti precioso sanguine tuo; ne in eternum irascaris nobis.” It appears unrelated to CAO 4219 with that text, which is an elaborate mode 5 antiphon (with Alleluias). At some point, the text above became affixed to the mode 4 antiphon "Ne reminiscaris domine" (CAO 3861). The two texts together have the appearance of a single chant in countless books of hours from 15th c. France, appearing as the summative antiphon for the seven penitential psalms.

I'm trying to understand not only any early sources of "Parce domine" but also how it became associated with "Ne reminiscaris domine." Any help from this omniscient chant network is most appreciated.

Sincerest thanks!

Michael Anderson

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