vol. 45/2

Introductory Word by Guest Editor, Hana Breko Kustura. “In Memoriam: Roger E. Reynolds (1936-2014)” (pp.141-143)

Katarina Livljanić, ”Distracted“ Scribes — or Whom Does the Script Serve? Two Beneventan Fragments from Dalmatia with Genealogy According to Saint Luke” (pp.147-158)

Thomas Forrest Kelly, “The Octoechos and the Beneventan Chant” (pp.159-170)

Richard F. Gyug, “The Long Life of the Beneventan Tradition: the Relation between the Beneventan Pontifical of Kotor and the Gothic Pontifical of Dubrovnik” (pp.171-189)

Roger E. Reynolds “The Missal of Kotor: A Liturgical Monument of Medieval Dalmatia” (pp.191-200)

Rozana Vojvoda, “Decorated Initials of the Trogir Epistolary — Beneventan vs. „Non-Beneventan“ Prototypes” (pp.201-216)

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