Talking about "Beneventan Chant", scholars interested in Italian plainchant, notated in so-called "Beneventan" notation, often forget, that this name does not really correspond to the territory where it once had been used, especially concerning the huge territory of Ravenna or Aquilean Chant.  With respect to the complex history of the Adriatic Balkans, I often observe a rather poor knowledge, and some demented even when I pointed at the obvious common features between Glagolitic and Beneventan scripture.

The more I hope for a certian curiosity about these issues. These days there will be two international conferences at Vienna (Austria) and Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), the Bulgarian one this weekend is among other topics dedicated to the progroms against Bogomils as heretics during the crusades around the turn to the 13th century. Concerning the Bosnian church, John Fine emphasized already in 1975 that not every Christian sect which was associated with Bogomils, had something to do with it (see Lockwood 2009, note 2). The Viennese conference is dedicated to the Ottoman conquests of the Balkans.


Thomas Lecaque: Sclavonia etenim est tellus deserta et invia, et montuosa: Reassessing the Provençal Route through the Balkans on the First Crusade (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, Nov 7, 2013)

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