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Slavonic Manuscripts

1271815196?profile=RESIZE_320x320The collection of Slavonic manuscripts is the biggest one in Bulgaria and contains 1 500 manuscripts and fragments, dated from XI to XIX century. Those, that were digitalized, are mainly documents, for which preservation the electronical access is very appropriate. At the second place are those, which are most interesting for the scholars, as well as the different fragments, the information about which could facilitate their identification as parts of manuscripts in other libraries and collections. Among the most important digitalised manuscripts are: Enina Apostle from XI century, Dobreisho Gospels from XIII century, Banitsa Gospel from XIII century, Pirdop Apostle from XIII century, Skopije Menaion from XIII century. The major part of the presented manuscripts is available also through Europeana.

The Bulgarian Fourteenth Century

1271816249?profile=originalThe fourteenth Century presents the best the high achievements of the Bulgarian written culture from the Middle Ages. So, this century is known as the second Gold Century of the Bulgarian literature. In this collection have been gathered manuscripts that prove this fact and also show the different „faces” of the Bulgarian hand-written book. The bilingual metadata of the digitalised documents allow also their search in Europeana.

Greek Manuscripts


The National Library stores 150 Greek manuscripts, dated from IX to XIX century. The majority of them are liturgical books. From all these manuscripts were digitalized the earliest documents and those, that are most interesting for users. Among the most valuable documents from this collection are: the decorated fragments from Gospels from IX century, Prophetologion from XII century, Typicon from XIV century, Leitourgikon from XVIII century, the Psalter miscellanies from XIX century.

Other Foreign Manuscripts

1271818277?profile=originalThis collection contains 25 manuscripts in Latin, Romanian, German, Italian, Armenian and Georgian. Digitised are: Rule of the Bačkovo Monastery [Bačkovo Typikon], that is very valuable for the Bulgarian history (copy from 1702) and Brief Grammar of the Bulgarian language from 1856.

Slavonic Print Editions (XV-XX)

1271818426?profile=originalThe collection of Slavonic prints in Cyrillic types contains editions published between the 15th and 20th centuries. Some of them mark the beginning of Southern Slavonic language, especially Bulgarian types. Reproductions of the first print editions of Cetina and Targovishte (Romania) and Venice had been made during the 16th century, among them the first Bulgarian edition by Yakov Kraykov. Editions such as "Octoechos" (Cetinje, 1494), "Chasoslovets" (Venice, 1566), "Lamento" (Ostrog, 1603), "Evangelion" (Lviv, 1644), "Abagar" (Rome, 1651), "Akatistiy mit kanopiy" (Kiew, 1765) among other have been already digitised.

Arabic Manuscripts


About 3200 manuscripts, a huge collection which has been digitised only in small parts yet.

Turkish Manuscripts

1271819533?profile=originalThe collection has about 490 manuscripts. Among the digitised titles: Bulgarian-Turkisch glossary of Skopye "Lyugat-i Bulgari" (CM 900), Vitas of the Saints "Bahr El Vella" compiled by Kyustendil (OD 893) and the letter collection "Gyulshen-i Inshaat" by al-Kastalani (15th c.).

Persian Manuscripts

1271820699?profile=RESIZE_320x320A collection of about 120 manuscripts. Among the digitised one are titles such as "Timur-nāma" (OD 994), "Ibtida-nāma" (OD 188), "Baharistan" (OP 1127) and "Sunbulistan" (OP 1868) and the astronomic opus "Zidzh-i Yamini" (OP 1750).

Oriental documents (Bulgaria and the Balkans)

1271821862?profile=RESIZE_180x180The main part are documents “oriental collections” department relates to Balkan countries during the Ottoman period (such as fonds 3 und 3A - Athens; 6 und 6A -.. Belgrade, f 112, 112A - Russe, f 146 and 146A - Salonica, u . 156 und 156A - and local names, Sofia, etc.) (ft 212 und 212a -. Albania, f 213 und 213A. Bulgaria, f 214 und 214A -. Bulgaria, etc.). The NPTA collection (Incoming Turkish Archive) contains an almost complete collection of documents for Bulgaria and the Balkans and part of the collection Eiche (Orientalist Archives) is concerned about these regions, such as fonds 1 and 1A - Istanbul (look as well sidzhili and defters).

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