Please note that today is Palm Sunday according to the Orthodox (revised Julian) calendar. Thus, you can start right now with the tropologion Codex sinaiticus graecus 759 (see below).

The tropologion developed all the features of the sticherarion and the heirmologion during the Stoudite period (9th-12th centuries). The oldest form (6th-8th centuries) did not separate the immovable (menaion) from the movable cycle (triodion, pentekostarion), and the mixed annual cycle did not beginn with 1 September (indiktou), but with the Christmas cycle. The various forms included the later books menaion, menologion, parakletike, typikon, the sticherarion and the heirmologion, and thus, they represent their earliest stage which can only be verified by the lack of notation or by the name in the rubric as it was chosen by the scribe. It explains, why some tropologia resemble more the menologion, others rather the heirmologion, the pentekostarion, the small oktoechos or the parakletike etc.

Mount Sinai, Saint Catherine's Monastery (ET-MSsc)

Sin. gr. ΝΕ/ΜΓ 56+5

1271967242?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024VIII-IX • Tropologion written in maiuscule script with immovable and movable feasts (73 services for the period from the Forefeast of the Nativity of Christ to the commemoration of St Joseph of Arimathea, 12 June, with incorporated Lenten and Paschal services) of an unknown Egyptian monastery (Patriarchate of Alexandria), description (Nikiforova 2013), incipits (academia).


Sin. gr. 607

1271970398?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024IX • Tropologion of the two months March (ff. 3r-125r) and April (ff. 125v-239v) with calendar (ff. 1r-2v).


Sin. gr. ΜΓ 28

1271971328?profile=originalΙΧ • Tropologion of the two months May and June


Sin. gr. E 26

1271972778?profile=originalIX-X • Liturgical roll with penitential troparia (katanyktika)


Sin. gr. 579

1271973593?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024XI • Tropologion of the month September


Sin. gr. 556

1271975364?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024XI • Tropologion of the month September (ff. 1r-142r) and of the month October (ff. 142v-269r)


Sin. gr. 759

1271977539?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024XI • Tropologion starting with Palm Sunday until Allsaints/hagion panton (Pentekostarion cycle)


Sin. gr. 777

1271978355?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024XI • Tropologion of the parakletike kanons, pentitential chant, apostolic prosomoia and of ferial days and theotokia composed according to the kanon order (KaO: α᾽: ff.1r24r, β᾽: ff.24r45r, γ᾽: ff.45r65r, δ᾽: ff.65r85r, πλα᾽: ff.85r105r, πλβ᾽: ff.105r123r, υαρ: ff.123r141v, πλδ᾽: ff.142r160v).


Sin. gr. 784

1271979648?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024XII • Tropologion of the stichera, kathismata of the eight echoi, and their kanonic prosomoia composed according to the oktoechos order (α᾽: ff.1r-7v, β᾽: ff.8r-17r, γ᾽: ff.17r-26v, δ᾽: ff.27r-37r, πλα᾽: ff.37v-48r, πλβ᾽: ff.48r-57r, υαρ: ff.57r-65r, πλδ᾽: ff.65v-77r, appendix with prosomoia in oktoechos order: ff.77r-82v). Each section consists of troparia sung with the evening psalm 140 (kekragarion) like stichera anastasima, prosomoia, ainous, katanyktika, stavrosima, apostolika, martyrika, nekrosima, kathismata with prosomoia, anatolika and theotokia.


Sin. gr. 789


Section of echos devteros (f. 67v)

XII • [Tropologion of the] stichera of the eight echoi, and of the kanons composed according to the kanon order KaO (α᾽: ff.1r-67v, β᾽: ff.67v-85r, γ᾽: ff.85r-102v, δ᾽: ff.102v-119v, πλα᾽: ff.119v-148v, πλβ᾽: ff.148v-154r, υαρ: ff.154r-166v, πλδ᾽: 166v-188r; appendix with lessons ff.188r-189v; Bioi ff.190r-210v)

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