I have phantastic news for scholars occupied with Greek music palæography!

Without having changed the general URL I would like to announce, that all links of the Monumenta had been slightly changed.


The new homepage has no longer an updated version of Christian Troelsgård's essay with standard abridged version numbers for the menaion cycle of the sticherarion (you have to download the original version at CIMAGL), but it has many other things.

  • The full cycle of the prophetologion (lectionaries series) with precious corrections concerning ekphonetic notation by the hand of Sysse Gudrun Engberg has been uploaded as pdf and you can download all the volumes as pdf under open access condition:

  • Among the facsimila series the introductions and indexes to the volumes 2 (heirmologion), 4 (kontakarion), 8 (heirmologion, Jerusalem Cod. Saba 83) and 9 (triodion) can be downloaded: 

  • The whole transcripta series according to the staff notation standards of Tillyard's first handbook can be downloaded as pdf under open access conditions: 

  • And speaking of the handbook and the subsidia series, also the complete volumes 1 (Tillyard's introduction into Middle Byzantine and Høeg's one into ekphonetic notation), 4 (Velimirović's Byzantine elements in Palaeoslavic notation), 7 (Råsted's study of intonation formulas) and 8 (Thodberg's "Alleluiarionzyklus") of the Subsidia series can be downloaded under open access condition: 

Special features


This is like Christmas and Theophany (Epiphany) together, but it is in fact available since 10 December 2021.

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