Gr. 356


Sticheron τὸν τριτὸν τῆς ἐρωτήσεως (δ᾽ 29 June, Peter & Paul, fol. 121r)

XII • Incomplete Menaion part of the Sticherarion with Old Byzantine notation (developed Coislin type, Palestine redaction).

Content: A large part of the beginning of the Menaion is missing (it starts with the end of October with the end of sticheron SAV 167 δ᾽ τον λογχαις κληρωσαμενον), then it continues until January (fol. 86v), the last sticheron (SAV 463 πλδ᾽ μακαριοι εστε οσιοι και μαρτυρες 14 January, Holy Abbots) is complete!

Folio 87 starts with the end of February with the second part of the sticheron SAV 537 πλβ᾽ την πανσεβασμιον καραν του βαπτιστου 24 February, Forerunner's Head. The menaion was probably complete until the end of August, but the last folios had been cut out. The last complete is folio 130 (damaged with two holes). The last sticheron is left incomplete: SAV 664 β᾽ φωστηρ ανεσπερε εκκλησιων.


Gr. 355


Sticheron Θεαρχίῳ νεύματι (15 August, fol. 304r)

XIII • Menaion with Middle Byzantine notation (ff. 7r-326v) of the Sticherarion with various additions at the end and at the beginning (the first sticheron is Σήμερον ὁ Δεσπότης τῆς Κτίσεως, καὶ Κύριος τῆς δόξης (πλδ᾽ Εlevation of the Cross)


Gr. 262


XIV • Incomplete Sticherarion (Menaion without beginning of September with some interpolated later additions in a smaller format, Triodion, Pentekostarion, fragment of Oktoechos written by another hand). The whole manuscript was bound together in the wrong order.
fol. 289 (beginning is missing)
SAV 8-13
- συ βασιλευ ο ων (πλ α)
- ο πνευματι αγιω συνημμενος (πλ β᾽)
- ο αρρητω σοφια συστησαμενος (πλ δ᾽)

ff. 290-291 later addition (17th c.) with doxastika for Christmas: SAV 330 (fragment)-331 (complete)
fol. 292 another hand with Middle Byzantine notation
fol. 293-300 (the folios between SAV 13-30 are missing) starts with the sticheron idiomelon δι᾽αγγελου προρρησεως (SAV 30, δ᾽) followed SAV 41 ω μακαρια δυας (πλ α᾽)
The continuation is ff. 1-183

Triodion: ff. 183r-248v

Pentekostarion: expl. mut. Sunday of the Holy Fathers (249r-268v)

ff. 269-276 (later addition for the menaion of November, Kosmas and Damian)

ff. 277-288 Oktoechos fragment written by another hand inc. and expl. mut. from 3rd mode Anabathmoi - 4th mode anatolika;

f. 292 one leaf of the Oktoechos, 3rd mode with the same hand


Gr. 265


Added folios

XIV • Sticherarion (Menaion ff. 1-163r [one folio has been cut out between fol. 3 & 4]; last sticheron of August and beginning of the Triodion was added later (probably to replace another missing folio); fol. 165r without text (only neumes; probably an avtomelon): the following pages of an older Triodion are written by another hand than the Menaion; Triodion of the old manuscript (ff. 166r-203v); Prosomoia (ff. 179-203v); Holy Week (ff. 203v-228v) with Akolouthia ton pathon (f. 214v) and Good Friday (f. 221r); Pentekostarion starting with Antipascha (Sunday of Thomas) (ff. 228v-249r); Oktoechos is incomplete (ff. 249r-274v) with Anastasima, Alphavetika (250v), Anavathmoi with stichera anastasima anatolika (251r), Heothina (268r), Dogmatika (270v).


Gr. 270

1271927301?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Prosomoia of the Tessarakostes (f. 234v-235r)

XIV • Sticherarion written by Dionysios Presbyteros (Menaion ff. 1r-131r; Triodion ff. 132r-170r; Akolouthiai ton hagion pathon (ff. 170r-181r); Pentekostarion beginning with Sunday of Thomas (ff. 181r-202r). 

Oktoechos (Stichera dogmatika (ff. 202r-206v); stichera stavrotheotokia (ff. 206v-211v); stichera anatolika &  anavathmoi (ff. 212r-231v); stichera heothina (ff. 231v-234v); prosomoia & appendix with later added stichera (ff. 234v-242r).


Gr. 260

1271928588?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Kekragaria with stichera heothina

1400 • Complete Sticherarion (Menaion ff. 1r-146r; Triodion ff. 147r-186v; Ἀκολουθία τῶν ἁγίων παθῶν ff. 186v-200r; Pentekostarion incomplete ff. 200r-221r; Oktoechos ff. 221r-253r with stichera anastasima, stichera alphabetika (f. 221v), stichera anatolika (f. 222r), anavathmoi (f. 237r), kekragaria with stichera heothina (f. 240v), and prosomoia and stichera stavrotheotokia; protheoria f. 253v)


Gr. 261


Stichera heothina with kekragarion, psalms of Orthros, and doxology (f. 241)


End of Protheoria (added in July 1797? or Byzantine year, beginning 1 September 5509 BC as the biblical date

of divine creation: "End of month July of the ,ςψϞζ' year" 6797? = 1289?) and beginning of Triodion

1400 (1289?) • Complete Sticherarion with Byzantine round notation, Cyprus suggested because of the calendar including Epiphanios (May 12) and Triphyllios (June 13).

Menaion ff. 1r-139r; list of neumes and great signs ff. 139v-141r; Triodion ff. 141r-179r; Ἀκολουθία τῶν παθῶν ff. 179r-196v; Easter (ff. 196v-197v); and Pentekostarion ff. 197v-218r). Oktoechos (ff. 218r-258r) with stichera anastasima (ff. 218r-218v), stichera alphavetika (ff. 218v-220v), stichera anatolika (ff. 220v-235r), Anavathmoi (235r-240r); eleven stichera heothina, eight with kekragaria / hesperinos psalm (Ps. 140:1), orthros psalm (Ps. 117:27a), ainoi, and kalophonic doxologies, palimpsests between the heothina (ff. 240r-245v); stichera prosomoia ff. 245v- 253v (Lenten prosomoia f. 249v); and stichera dogmatika (ff. 253v-258r).

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