Datation possible to the new appendix at the beginning of Ms. 334 which mentions Ioannes the Protopsaltes (1730s), who was until 1734/1736 still Lampadarios. The Kratematarion (Ms. 336) mentions one composer just as "Lampadarios" and only once as "Ioannes the Lampadarios". Both anthologies are written by the same hand, not far from the style of Ioannes' autographs.


Archives of Dodecanese, Archeio Demogerontias Symes

Ms. 334

4183581.w.1200.jpgafter 1734 • Complete Anthology of the Papadike (organised closely to the book Akolouthiai): Later added collection of Leiturgika by Ioannes Trapezountios and Antonios the Priest (ff. 1-4r); Papadike with small trochos and methods including Mega Ison, methods of Georgios Bouni Alyates, method of nenanismata by Xenos Korones (ff. 4v-16r); Anthology of Hesperinos beginning with Anoixantaria etc. (ff. 17r-83v); Anthology of Orthros beginning with Hexapsalmos etc. and ending with stichera heothina & doxologiai f. 176r (ff. 83v-221r); Anthology of the Liturgies with Cherouvika kat'echon f. 229v and Koinonika f. 282v (ff. 221r-354r); Mathematarion with kalophonic compositions dedicated to the Theotokos and of the sticherarion with menaion f. 424v, triodion 505v inlcuding Akathistos Hymn, pentekostarion f. 516r (ff. 354-543v); Kratematarion with echemata kat'echon and kratemata not organised according the oktoechos (ff. 545r-546v)


Ms. 335

4184718.w.1200.jpgXenos Korones' method of the sticherarion

after 1734 • Complete Anthology of the Papadike (organised closely to the book Akolouthiai): Papadike with big trochos and the triphonic diagramme by Ioannes Plousiadinos and methods inlcuding the "method by Ioannes Damaskenos", Kampanes' method of metrophonia, method propedeutica of Ioannes Koukouzeles, 3 methods by Xenos Korones (ff. 1r-29r); Anthology of Hesperinos with old and new composers with stichoi kalophonikoi f. 66v (ff. 33r-106v); Anthology of Orthros with Polyeleoi f. 106v, ἡ βουλγάρα τοῦ κουκουζέλη f. 119, Pasapnoaria f. 179v, Doxologiai f. 218v, Polychronismoi kalophonikoi f. 246r (ff. 106v-263r); Anthology for the Liturgies with Trisagia, Allelouiaria f. 264v, Cherouvika f. 273r, Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil f. 332v, Axion estin and Koinonika f. 333v, and appendix f. 403r (ff. 263r-409'); Mathematarion kat'echon dedicated to the Theotokos f. 410r and sticheron for Marianic feasts with menaion f. 485v, triodion f. 517r, pentekostarion f. 527v (ff. 410r-542v); Kratematarion with Kratemata kat'echon and appendix with kratemata and mathemata f. 547v (ff. 542v-563r)


Ms. 336

4185799.w.1200.jpgXenos Korones: Persikon transcribed as melos of echos protos

about 1734 • Kratematarion in oktoechos order (each section is concluded by an "echema") with compositions mainly by old (Ioannes Glykys, Ioannes Koukouzeles, Xenos Korones, Nikephoros Ethikos, Ioannes Kladas, Gabriel Xanthopoulos, Manuel Chrysaphes, Gregorios Bounes Alyates) and a few by new composers (Demetrios Dokianos, Markos Hieromonachos, Ioannes Lampadarios who is often just called "Lampadarios"?, Kontopetras, Argyros).

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