D-HEu Cod. Pal. germ. 329

Lied an "Fraw Werlt"/"Fro Welt" (fol. 35)

1414/15 • Steiermark, Buchschmuck von der Hand des Heinrich Aurhaym; Hugo von Montfort (1357-1423): Lieder, Minnebriefe und politische und didaktische Reden (Handschriftencensus, Montfort-Edition)

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  • That might have been one of the earlier facsimiles of the Heidelberg collection (they even digitised them). You might be interested in the edition of that Professor in Graz which he published at De Gruyter. You find the link at his web documentation of the edition (also available as ebook). But he seems to be a philologist of the language and the poems, if you find a melody which could have been used to compose the poem, you will probably not find it in his edition. But they made a whole CD with Montfort songs (you just click on "Hörfassung"), and you can here some seconds of each track. Enough to check, whether they were up to reconstruct some more melodies than you know.

    According to him and "Handschriftencensus" there are just four manuscripts (usually just two folios with Montfort's songs). I guess there might be more, but I would not expect more than there (just a few pages in other collections)...

  • A wonderful source and the first facimile I bought back in the 90's in a Heidelberg antiquariat. Sadly, not all his song texts are provided with melodies. We've played and recorded a couple of them. Very interesting, earlier and more traditional contemporary of Oswald von Wolkenstein.

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