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  • We do know that after having quoted manuscripts of the Vienna collection (therefore we use the permalink translated as "Zitierlink")!

    It is only a temporary link which works periodically on my computer, you have to check the source text in your browser...

  • Dear Oliver,

    Many thanks for this. I think your explanation confirms that it is my computer's browsing settings that are causing the problem, since it won't even open the external link you sent. I

    Best wishes, Michael

  • Dear Michael

    You might not be the only one, but ÖNB has indeed a full database of all its manuscripts (whether there is a reproduction or not) which has cross-references (relational database) to bibliographical datasets as well. You can easily get lost between all these links.

    Those manuscripts which had been digitised, have usually a thumbnail on the right side (which you can see on this screenshot of my browser):


    If you click on the thumbnail, a new window should pop up. The link is (html source text):

    <a style="width: 110px; margin: 0px 0px 10px;" 
    href="" target="popup" 
    class="outsider EXLFullDetailsOutboundLink" 
    openWindow(this.href,, '..."
    img src="" 
    alt="Digitalisat" title="Digitalisat" 
    style="box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #888"></a>

    With certain browsers it might be necessary to allow pop-up windows, but I am sure you can also click on "Kontakt" and write the administrator of ÖNB who will be experienced with trouble shooting of customers.

    In any case the external link:

    should work, even in a window not of the defined size.

  • I can't access this digitalised version of Vienna cod. Han. 2701, does anybody know if ÖNB has disabled its digitised MSS?

    Any help appreciated,

    A useful encyclopedia entry on the MS:  Christoph März, 'Wiener Leichhandschrift', in: 2Verfasserlexikon 10 (1999), Sp. 1024-1026.

  • Thank you very much for references!

    Robert Klugseder a dit :

    H. Birkhan,...

    Wiener Leichhandschrift (Online)
    Wien, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (ÖNB) Cod. 2701 XIV ▪ Wiener Leichhandschrift : Cantilena ; Heinrich von Meissen ; Der Wilde Alexander ; Win…
  • H. Birkhan, Wer byn ich - daz byst du: Eyn narre. Bemerkungen zur sogennanten Wiener Leich-Handschrift. In: B. Lodes (ed.), Wiener Quellen der älteren Musikgeschichte zum Sprechen gebracht. Tutzing 2007, 161-183

    H. Rietsch: Gesänge von Frauenlob, Reinmar von Zweter und Alexander nebst einem anonymen Bruchstück nach der Handschrift 2701 der Wiener Hofbibliothek (Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich 41), Wien 1913

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