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Explore 1120 pages in the manuscript New York, Pierpont Morgan Library, M. 905, better known as the Geese Book. Use the drop-down calendar to locate feasts and saints’ days. Hear and see selected chants with transcriptions and translations


A multisensory work of the past is explored through multimedia technologies of the present. A team of experts headed by Volker Schier and Corine Schleif opens the Geese Book to scholars and provides a window for broader audiences. Completed in 1510 for the parish of St. Lorenz in Nuremberg, this large-format gradual preserves the mass liturgy that was sung by choir boys until the Reformation was introduced in 1525. Provocative and satirical illuminations include the one from which the book takes its name. Many medieval manuscripts are too valuable and vulnerable to be handled. Digitally, however, these2 volumes can now be touched by everyone.

The Schola Hungarica performs 23 chants taken from the liturgy of 7 feast days. 9 videos focus on those responsible for the book. Utilizing a vast array of historical images and documents, these presentations offer new research and analysis. Further details can be accessed under object,location and sources. The rationale and goals of this ambitious endeavor are explained under project. Sponsors, participants and co-operating 

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where? I can't see any link or somethink like that... And you made me really curious.

Je viens d'ajouter un lien en bas de page, il y avait un lien direct sur l'image.

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where? I can't see any link or somethink like that... And you made me really curious.




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