• This is one of the pages on the Beverley Minster website, the one with the photo. The website is very in-depth.

    The reconstruction uses two separately turned pipes, glued together. I believe, the original was made in the same way. Two really separate pipes would have a very strong tendency to drift apart during use, and would be massively uncomfortable.

  • Congratulation for your work.

    Could you precise the identification of the sculpture?

    It seems to me that the two pipes are separated. Why did you choose to make a single solid double pipe?

  • Well, I am still not quite sure how to post things.

    Anyway, this is a reconstruction of the double pipe in the illustration. Plays in G, there is an octave on the G, plus a note on each side. That is, the total range is F-a. Mostly chromatic by cross-fingering, one note more comfortable by half-holing. Available. Price is 600 NZ$ (about 350 euros)

    A very short clip of me playing (a right-handed version, because of an old injury to my left little finger) is here:

    I don't play percussion with it, as I never learned playing left-handed. It's just a demo, made after a day of getting familiar with the fingering.

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