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Well, I am still not quite sure how to post things.

Anyway, this is a reconstruction of the double pipe in the illustration. Plays in G, there is an octave on the G, plus a note on each side. That is, the total range is F-a. Mostly chromatic by cross-fingering, one note more comfortable by half-holing. Available. Price is 600 NZ$ (about 350 euros)

A very short clip of me playing (a right-handed version, because of an old injury to my left little finger) is here:

I don't play percussion with it, as I never learned playing left-handed. It's just a demo, made after a day of getting familiar with the fingering.

Congratulation for your work.

Could you precise the identification of the sculpture?

It seems to me that the two pipes are separated. Why did you choose to make a single solid double pipe?

This is one of the pages on the Beverley Minster website, the one with the photo. The website is very in-depth.

The reconstruction uses two separately turned pipes, glued together. I believe, the original was made in the same way. Two really separate pipes would have a very strong tendency to drift apart during use, and would be massively uncomfortable.



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