• Hi Valentin,

    I would like to read your paper. Is that possible to send me ?

    Many thanks !


    • Dear Olivier,

      please find the paper here. Feel free to write me an email, if you have feedback.

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      Hans Buchners Fundamentum? Vorschläge für eine historiografische Neubewertung
      The belief widely accepted by scholars that the only three surviving manuscript sources of Hans Buchner's (1483–1538) Fundamentum (CH-Bu F I 8a,…
  • I've sent you an email!

    Vicente Parrilla said:

    Hi, I'd love to read it as well. Many thanks. 

    Hans Buchner's Fundamentum
    My paper on Hans Buchner's Fundamentum has just been published. I would be delighted to hear your thoughts on the topic. See the new Acta Musicologic…
  • Hi, I'd love to read it as well. Many thanks. 

  • Great ! Thank you very much !

  • Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post the paper here. I am happy to send the file drectly to anyone who is interested.

  • Hello, Very interesting, but I could downlaod your paper...

    I would like to read it!

  • Merci !

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