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Sep 7, 2021
I am still new to this site and figuring out how to navigate it, and where to post things, so apologies in advance if this post could be in a more appropriate location....

I'd like to announce the discovery of a new source of ars nova polyphonic music, located in the archives départementales de Haute-Savoie!

This re-purposed parchment cover for the late 17th century parish registers of Vulbens, Haute-Savoie, contains a three-voice Credo identified by Margaret Bent as being concordant with the "Orles" Credo in both Ivrea and Apt, though unattributed in this source. Archivist Martine Simon-Perret at the Archives départementales de Haute-Savoie was kind enough to provide high quality images of both sides of the entire cover, which will eventually be hosted on DIAMM (see for future reference). The single folio preserves roughly the first two-thirds of the composition. The inside cover additionally contains a short but unique lower-voice fragment presumably related to the composition whose conclusion would have shared an opening with the start of the Credo in its original volume. Special thanks to Michael Scott Cuthbert for cross-checking this fragment for possible concordances.
E DEPOT 314/GG 1 - 1663-1692. - 1663-1692
E DEPOT 314/GG 1 1663-1692. 1663/1692 1663-1692 Oui 5 MI 888 Cote de renvoi Descripteurs Naissances Registres Vulbens...

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  • Thank you very much for your discovery !!!

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