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I'm looking for the facimile of

Talent m'es pris de chanter

Ivrea: Biblioteca Capitolare 115, fol. 10 (3/3), 52 (3/3);


anyone can help me ?




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Dear Dominique,

I'm very interested to note how this image differs from the microfilm of Ivrea 115 that I have used. Do you happen to know when this microfilm was produced? The film I have is from 1967.

Best wishes,


merci beaucoup Dominique,

je me fierai tout de même aux transcriptions de l'Oiseau Lyre et de Hoppin car le microfilm ne me permettra pas de distinguer  assurément certaines minimes des semibrèves.


do you still have an available copy  ?

thanks for all


Terrasa, please send a note to my e-mail at and I will respond.

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