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Iter Liturgicum Italicum - Editio Maior & Nomina Codicum

The ASMA - St Michael the Archangel Association - has published two books by Giacomo Baroffio: Iter Liturgicum Italicum - Editio Maior: and Nomina Codicum.

Iter Liturgicum Italicum - Editio Maior: is a brief decription of 29140 liturgical sources (with or without music): latin manuscripts written in Italy between the fourth and the twentieth century, which Baroffio examined in archives and libraries of the five continents: the enlarged version (from 16000 up to 29140 sources) of the Iter Liturgicum Italicum published in 1999.

Nomina Codicum lists the proper names of some manuscripts, as well as the ones of patrons, and the names of abbeys, cathedrals, monasteries and churches where they were written or in use - all of them reconnected to the archive or library where the sourse is now.

They are two essential books for any library in the world devoted to liturgical and musicological studies.

For more information:  e-mail

Their prices are now of € 110.00 and € 40,00 till the end of Novembre 2013 (if you buy them directly by us - without intermediaries), then they will raise to € 120,00 (Iter) and € 45,00.

                                                               Fabrizio Mastroianni



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