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Three additional Australian chant manuscripts


Melbourne, State Library of Victoria, RARESF 096.1 R66A "Poissy Antiphonal"

certified Dominican antiphonal of 428 folios from Poissy, written 1335-1345, with a complete annual cycle of chants for the Divine Office (TemporalSanctoral and Commons) and a hymnal. The manuscript also contains rules for copying chant and 23 historiated initials. Alternative link:


Sydney, State Library of New South Wales, Dixson Collection, SAFE/ ... "Dixson Gradual"

A thirteenth-century Cistercian gradual of 200 folios from the Abbey of San Stephano al Corno, Lodi, Italy. It contains a Temporal Cycle, a Sanctoral Cycle, some Commons and a Hymnal. Alternative link at


Sydney, State Library of New South Wales, Richardson Collection, SA... "Rimini Antiphonal"

A Franciscan Common of the Saints of 155 folios from Rimini, written 1328 and palimpsested on 40 folios with new texts and altered melodies sometime after 1582. The manuscript was decorated by Neri da Rimini with 8 historiated and 21 decorated letters. Full digitalization of MS available at


All see the La Trobe University Medieval Music Database which contains inventories of these sources.

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Je voudrais bien comprendre sur quoi repose l'affirmation que le manuscrit de Melbourne vient de Poissy ? Existe-t-il une description codicologique de ce manuscrit ?

S'il vous plaît, consultez cet article online : The Poissy Antiphonal: A Major Source of Late Medieval Chant de John Stinson. Voir notamment la note 1 pour la provenance du MS.

Merci beaucoup. En fait cette provenance est une conjecture probable de François Avril, communiquée oralement à Margaret Manion and Vera Vines. Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in Australian Collections, London. 1984. no. 70.

Mais le manuscrit ne contient aucune marque de provenance permettant de le lier à Poissy avec certitude.

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