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Wim van Gerven, pionier van de gregoriaanse semiologie

Gregoriana presents a book in honour of her gregoguru, singer and director Wim van Gerven (1929-2008) on the occasion of her tenth anniversary, the hundredth Gregorian Meditation in the Amsterdam Obrechtchurch and the hundredth broadcast of Bonum est:

Wim van Gerven

pionier van de gregoriaanse semiologie in Nederland

 197 handgeschreven partituren

met inleidingen van

Martin Hoondert, Pieter Mannaerts, Marcel Zijlstra e.a.

redactie: Geert Maessen

Amsterdam 2012

For the contents of the book have a look at the flyer: Wim-van-Gerven-Pionier-Flyer.pdf

The book can be ordered here: ABC

Wim van Gerven was one of the most influential pioneers of the so called semiological movement in the Low Countries. The book presents a selection of chants that Van Gerven reconstructed for his choirs between 1984 and 2002. The handwritten scores are preceded by a dozen of introductions by specialists on related items, like the changes in the liturgy since Vaticanum II, rhythm and ornamentation in chant, vocal techniques by Aurelian of Réomé (9th century) and the scientific implications of the melodic reconstructions (the so called "restitutions").

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Congratulations Geert, also on this platform !!!

Best wishes,

Dirk van Kampen

The combination of Luigi Russolo and Gregorian chant is quite striking. Thank you for this interesting document.

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