- some parts with neume notation and diastematic neume noation

- Officium defunctorum near to Saint-Ruf, Avignon (responsories) and Albi 20 (lectures)

- dedicatio: "Aput Anicium dedicatio ecclesie sce Marie virg. (=Le Puy-en-Velay)

- the manuscript is in private property

Here are some examples for the notation:

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  • Wonderful! A good idea.

    I made a detailed description of the chants, notations and some liturgical items in German for "Beiträge zur Gregorianik 59 (2015)"; print in July 2015. Contact me in private for a advance copy (PDF).

  • http://www.archives43.fr/article.php?laref=344&titre=sacramenta...

    Sacramentaire inconnu de la cathédrale du Puy - Archives départementales de la Haute-Loire
    Ressort d’on ne sait où un sacramentaire inconnu de la cathédrale du Puy, dans la seconde moitié du XIe siècle, juste avant la Première Croisade. Il…
  • Informations about the auction in the Vienna Auktionshaus Dorotheum

    June 1st 2015

    Dorotheum Vienna

  • Of course I will. I guess the auction is in mid June 2015.

  • Will you be sure to update us when this manuscript does enter the market and where it ends up being sold to? Given the complete absence of Vellave liturgical documents from the High Medieval period, this is an incredibly important find, and certainly would have been nice to poke at before being a month away from defending...

  • Manuscrit magnifique! Whaw, what colours.

  • The book covers are lost, but the binding is intact.

    ca. 280 fol. 8°

    The book is in a good condition, some folios at the end (later additions) are damaged.

    There'll be a possibility to buy this manuscript in summer 2015.
    But only public and/or state libraries.

    Interested persons can ask me in private chat.


  • Voyez le Graduel de  Saint-Yrieix, BnF lat. 903, 74rv, cordialement, GL.


  • Superbe! Quelle belle découverte.

  • Si je peux me permettre de regarder les chants de procession... 

    Quelle est la cote de ce manuscrit ? 

    Merci ! 

    et beau dimanche de Pâques, 


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