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Hallo, does anyone know if exist a complete pubblication where I can find musical incipits (or the whole melody) of "all" the sequences? I've searched, but I've found only some pubblcications which show the melody of a limited number of sequences (may be 10, 15...) for a specific saint or feast. For my research I would need of a broader pubblication (as A.H. is for texts). Thank you very much for your help and collaboration! Linda

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  • Thank you so much to both, dear Thomas and Karin, and sorry for this late answer.

    Answering to your question, Karin, I'm studying the sequences for a Saint, but according to Hanalecta Hymnica, the music for these sequences (of the XIII century) had as musical model several sequences both for the Virgin Mary and for other Saints.
    So I would like to check these indications to put in comparision with the music and verify how effectively close they are.
    For some sequences AH does not indicate any musical model so I would like also to check if there is, at least, a sort of musical inspiration in other sequences.
    For this reason I was asking for a sort of "opera omnia" of sequences musical models. But most probably I have to check single publications, first those for the Virgin Mary and then the others.

    Thank you very much again!
    All the best,

  • Dear Linda, 

    The sequence repertoire is enormous and it is much more difficult to make these opera omnia editions for music than for texts. I am afraid you have to look in different publications treating those particular kind of sequences you are looking for. What kind are these? For saints? For the Virgin Mary? Any particular region or historical period? Cantus database have a limited number of sequences, they sometimes have links to images of the music:


    Karin SL

  • All the sequences...  A look at the Analecta Hymnica will show how many there are.

    Vol. 8-10, 34, 37, 39-40, and 44 are for Sequences text only.

    Books with the melody are more difficult to find... 

    This first link is for the Adam de Saint Victor Sequences, melodies are at the back,

    English Translations here,

    The other vol. are also part of the archive.

    Sarum Sequences here,

    A book with other sequences is this,


    N.B. Google while kind enough to scan this book and put it online, restricts access, if you are in the U.K. it will tell you no e-book or .pdf exists.  If you are in the U.S. or have access to the Harvard library you will gain access.  I got my copy using the Torr browser.

    Hope this is of help,


    Internet Archive Search: analecta Hymnica
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