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    Codex Rossi online (BAV Ross. 215)
    Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Ross. 215XIV ▪ Collections de polyphonies du Trecento ▪ Diamm


    J'ajoute ici les réponses publiées dans une discussion similaire postée par Manuel Tizón le 12 août 2014 que j'ai supprimer pour évité les doublons...



    Dear friends:

    Do you know if the Codex Rossi 215 is available to consult or download? I haven't seen it in manuscripts menu...


    Réponse de Solveig Lerat le 12 août 2014 à 19:30

     Voici le texte, mais sans la musique

    Réponse de claudia caffagni le 13 août 2014 à 8:31

    Dear Manuel, I've got pictures taken from my facsimile copy (LIM edition). If you like, I can send it to you through wetransfer. Give me your email address, if you like.

    Claudia Caffagni

    Réponse de Manuel Tizón le 13 août 2014 à 10:03

    Thank you Claudia for your kindness. As a matter of fact, I only need pages 19-25 to illustrate an example of early italian notation. I will really appreciate you if you send the pages to me in color. Here you have my e-mail: I also have dropbox if you prefer...

    By any chance, do you have the Codex Squarcialupi (Pal. 87)?

    Thank you again and greetings from Spain

    Réponse de Peppe Frana le 11 septembre 2014 à 15:34

    I have that! Send me your email address and i'll be glad to help.


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  • The most recent facsimile is the one published bt Libreria Musicale Italiana (LIM) in 1990(?) with an excellent introduction by th late Niño Pirrotta. There's also an earlier black and white reproduction. As this is a Vatican ms, aside from personal requests the the library, we probably need to be patient and see what the Vatican's ambitious digitization project produces.
  • Thank You Mr. Mitchell, on DIAMM photos are unavailable. I try to find some electronic edition.

    Thank You for You help.


  • There's a hardbound facsimile edition (can't remember the series name, but it's within the last 20 years). That will give you most of the manuscript, but some other leaves have fairly recently been found somewhere else....for details see DIAMM.

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