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Hs. 416 (Hs 2 F 4)
XIV (1375-1400) ▪ Evangeliarum in usum Ecclesiae S. Petri Trajecti ad Rhenum, lectures avec neumes et accents, passions avec lettres de hauteur de récitation. 186v-187v Liber generationis..., 189v Puer natus in Bethleem… à deux voix, notation à clous sur lignes

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  • Thanks for satisfying the curiosity of yours truly :)

  • No trace of them in Prague, which I posted. Nor in the other one.

  • They do make a nice cross shape indeed. Could be interesting to check these other sources, to see if - conceivably - there are missing parts.

  • No: only that single voice in Prague (and in the other AH melody); but it seemed to me -- and I'm happy to be contradicted -- that the crossing of the two voices results in a piece that makes sense, whereas the gradual falling range of the voice you call 'tenor' results in a meaningless melody.

  • Maybe the voice I labeled 'tenor', which is also the one from Prague, circulated as a monophic piece? (Or did I miss that you also found the other voice in AH?)

  • No: I wasn't questioning the date of the copy (though, as you say, it can be seriously hard to tell); merely stating my view that the polyphony existed in the early 14th century, even though the source has only one voice and none of the mensural indications.

  • Perhaps Ulrike Hasche-Burger could say a bit more about this, but this type of 'semi-mensural' repetoire from the Low Countries is very conservative, in other words it might be 15th century as well. From the counterpoint I find it hard to tell.

  • Thanks for sharing all these pieces, very interesting. AA

  • Phew: it seems to be there. The mensuration here is all my own, but the pitches and the text underlay are from the MS. In my view, the two-voice piece was there at the beginning of the 14th century.

  • Sorry: I don't know how to attach. Dominique, or somebody, can you tell me now to download a pdf file into this space? 

    Puer natus Prag - Full Score.pdf

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