Vatikan, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana

Pal. lat. 1342
X-XI ▪ 1v-104r Boethius: De institutione musica libri quinque ; 105r-121v Musica enchiriadis vel Enchiridion de musica ; 121v-158v Incipit scolica enchiriadis de musica ▪ RISM B III 6, f.134r




Pal. lat. 1346
XI-XIII ▪ 7r-17v Tonaire "dit du Vatican" ; 25r-54v Aurelianus Reomensis: De laude musicae disciplinae ▪ RISM B III 6, f.8r




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  • So this is the so-called Vatican tonary (first part of Palatina 1346). It looks like an appendix of Codex Calixtinus. I wonder, what you will make of it... (see Chr. Meyer's edition).

    Concerning Aurelianus, I like the Byzantine intonation names AIANEOEANE (f. 46v) and NANA ANNES (f. 48v)—like tritos and varys echemata in one—, you will not find them in F-VAL 148.

    Un traité du début du XIIIe siècle à l’usage des chantres
    Christian MEYER (2013) Quisquis studiosus... Un traité du début du
  • Wonderful that Vatican manuscripts are now being digitised.

This reply was deleted.