Here is another one: a later musical addition to the margins of a 13th c. manuscript containing Petrus Riga, Aurura. It seems to be 16th c., latter half?

Apologies if it has been reported before – it seems to have been online a while.

It's quite a nice little 2-part setting, actually. I will attach an image of the page in question (image remains © Bibliothèque de l’Agglomération du Pays de Saint-Omer) as well as a transcription in score format for convenience (the text underlay might not be perfect in this transcription, though I tried to follow the placement in the source).





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  • Dear Richard Dudas: thanks for the notice on this source. You can see my transcription here:

    Hope you like it. Regards!!

    • Nice!!

    • By the way, you are acknowledged at the description of the video.

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